BParameterWeb serves as a container for information describing the relationships among the configurable parameters of a BControllable node. A BControllable subclass should, when constructed, create a BParameterWeb and populate it with controls through one or more BParameterGroups. This web of parameters describes the signal path within the node, and the points at which the node's manipulation of the data can be controlled.

The Audio control panel is actually derived from the BParameterWeb of the node currently selected as the default audio input node.

The BParameterWeb lets client applications query a node to determine how it can be configured, so the application can then create and display a user interface permitting the user to configure the node using standard user interface objects (like sliders, checkboxes, lines and arrows indicating the data path, and so forth).

By using the parameter web, device-independence is maintained without sacrificing the ability to create generic code to configure devices.

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