Xmas Present for WalterCon 2006 Attendants

News posted on Tue, 2006-12-19 02:03

At the WalterCon 2006 conference recently held in Orlando, we had planned a drawing with prizes from our sponsors. Unfortunately, due to an internal communication mishap, the drawing did not happen. But since we still want to show our gratitude to everyone who attended WalterCon, we have decided to give out one of the software packages donated by the event sponsors to each of the attendees, as a small token of appreciation. Consider this our Christmas present for those dedicated Haiku fans.

Attendees were given the chance to submit their top three choices, and each one was awarded a software package giving priority to those who registered for WalterCon earlier. The awarded software will be bundled in a limited edition WalterCon 2006 CD together with some video footage from the event, and will be sent directly to the winners.

We also take this opportunity to thank again the sponsors who supported WalterCon 2006, and hope that they will keep supporting Haiku in the future.

WalterCon 2006 Sponsors

  • Flojo Soft, creators of MyContacts and MyBudget
  • Funky Idea Software, creators of BePodder
  • TuneTracker Systems, creators of TunePrepper
  • Xentronix Software, creators of Refraction
  • YellowBites, creators of WonderBrush
  • ZeneBona, creators of ZeneBona