2007 New Year Greeting

News posted on Tue, 2007-01-02 00:10


Another year is gone, and a new one has just began. Looking back, 2006 was a good year for Haiku: we saw not only gains in functionality, features and stability, but also in looks. The USB and the network stacks where two prominent areas where progress was made; lots of other additions and improvements were also made under the hood, and, of course, the expected bug fixes, which were many. Haiku also acquired a more modern look thanks to the gorgeous icon set that was recently put together. Overall, in 2006 we saw many pieces gradually fall into place, making it all come together in very tangible ways.

The Haiku community itself also grew in some new ways. Some devs have made a come back to coding for Haiku; some others have started taking their first steps into Haiku development. 2006 also saw the beginning of a new marketing communications effort, intended to help the project gain more visibility and thus become a better recognized member of the global open source community.

There certainly is still a lot to do to get to the much awaited R1, but we are definitely getting closer by the day. And while we cannot promise when Haiku will be ready for its first official debut, 2007 may at last be the year we have all been waiting for.

It should be noted that none of our achievements would have been possible without the support from our faithful community. To them, our biggest expression of gratitude for their continued support over all these years.

May 2007 bring prosperity, health and peace to everyone.