VMWare Graphics Driver for Haiku in the Works

News posted on Fri, 2007-01-12 07:21


Haiku using WMWare driver in Intel MACHaiku using VMWare driver in Intel MAC

Eric Petit has recently given us the great news on the Haiku mailing list that he has started work on a VMWare graphics driver/accelerant for Haiku. This driver is expected not only to make Haiku snappier when run in VMWare, but it will also enable Haiku's ability to select different screen resolutions and changing them without rebooting the system, a feature that is not available when video is running in VESA mode.

According to Eric's post, his driver is based on Be's driver sample code plus his own code inspired by the X.org VMWare driver. At the moment the driver only implements RECT_BLIT and the cursor functions (the latter is disabled for now since it's a bit buggy).

While the driver is still in early stages of development, it does already work (see screenshot), and Eric is asking those brave Haiku fans out there to test it and provide feedback. For now you can download the sources from this tarball.

The details still need to be worked out, but this driver is certainly to make it into the Haiku tree. Thanks for the great work Eric!