SCaLE 5x First Day Report - Part I

News posted on Sat, 2007-02-10 21:28

SCaLE 5x started this morning and it has been a lot of fun so far. Axel, Michael (Phipps), Jorge (Mare) and myself (BGA) came down to the exhibit floor early this morning to setup the booth in advance of the opening. We have a 10x10 booth with a table and a couple of chairs, so we setup a small form factor desktop PC hooked up to a 20 inch LCD monitor, and a couple of laptops, an IBM running Haiku natively, and a MacBook Pro running Haiku inside Parallels. We are still waiting for an additional PC and a projector that did not make in time, as Michael's luggage was sent to the wrong destination.

Axel Dörfler and myself at SCaLE 5xAxel Dörfler and myself at SCaLE 5xHaiku demo on 20" LCDHaiku demo on 20" LCDWe have been at the booth for about three hours now, and I must say that so far I feel it was a good move to have a presence at this conference. There is a lot of traffic on floor, and a lot of people has stopped by and shown interest in what we are doing. And the audience is also right: plenty of geeks with a passion for innovative stuff. Let's hope that we get a good audience at the first BoF tonight.

Stay tuned for another report later today.