Haiku Lecture at FISL 8.0 FOSS Conference in Brazil

News posted on Sat, 2007-04-07 21:59

Haiku developer and Google engineer Bruno G. Albuquerque is scheduled to give a lecture about Haiku at the upcoming 8th International Free Software Forum (FISL 8.0), to be held in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, on April 12th, 13th and 14th. This lecture, one of the six presentations given by Google at this event, will cover general aspects of Haiku and will include a hands-on demonstration as well.

  • Title: Introducing Haiku
  • Presenter: Bruno G. Albuquerque, Google
  • Time: April 13 (Friday), 3:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Place: Dijkstra conference room

FISL is a major open software event in both the Brazilian and International FOSS event's calendar. This, the 8th edition of FISL, is expected to attract a big crowd, making it a great venue to introduce Haiku to many open source enthusiasts. Additionally, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, this would also be a great chance to meet with one of the lead Haiku developers in person and chat with him about the current status and future of the project.

FISL 8.0 Overview