Announcing NORCAL-HUG

News posted on Mon, 2007-09-24 23:26

Posted to the Haiku mailing list earlier today was an announcement of another Haiku user group. BeOS in its heyday had user groups -- BUGs -- and it is good to see the appearance of corresponding groups for our favorite underdog operating system. Below are all the details as written by Jorge Mare (aka Koki) himself.

Hello Haiku Fans,

During the Haiku gathering at the Picn*x event last August, a few of us who live in and around the San Francisco Bay Area talked about presenting Haiku at user group meetings in the area. In the following weeks we continued these discussions, and today we are happy to announce the creation of the Northern California Haiku User Group, or NORCAL-HUG for short.

Our mission is simple: we want to build and grow a Haiku community in Northern California, and to that end we will be planning activities such as (but not necessarily limited to):

* HUG meetings (initially every 3 months)

* Online community building (NORCAL-HUG website and mailing list)

* Represent Haiku at local conferences, user group meetings and other events

* Organize install fests and/or Haiku workshops

* Network with other local/regional computer user groups

* Build relationships with local/regional high schools and universities

At this point we are the following three members:

- Jorge G. Mare
- Scott McCreary
- Urias McCullough

But we want more people to be part of NORCAL-HUG. So we are inviting all individuals living in Northern California with an interest in Haiku and/or who would like to shape up NORCAL-HUG to join us. For now just subscribe to the mailing list shown below, and send a message introducing yourself. We are in the process of setting up a website, and once this is up and running, you will be able to register as a HUG member.

Viva Haiku!