It's Official! Haiku Code Drive 2009!

News posted by mmadia on Fri, 2009-05-15 16:49

This year for Haiku Code Drive, the student selection process has been completely overhauled. Unlike last year, where a public vote was held to select the students, our mentors have determined the combinations of <student>-<project>-<mentor>. Since our requirements for Google Summer of Code were greatly improved upon from last year, our mentors were able to confidently decide which of those combinations have the highest chance of succeeding.

Full-text indexing and search tool for Haiku

  • Student: Ankur Sethi
  • Mentor: Rene Gollent
  • Project Abstract

    A plugin-based, full-text file indexing tool for Haiku, similar in functionality to OSX's Spotlight, GNOME's Tracker and SkyOS's Index Feeder. The main goal of the project is to make important documents and applications easily accessible and to reduce mouse usage.

Services Kit

  • Student: Tom Fairfield
  • Mentor: Pier Luigi Fiorini
  • Project Abstract

    The Services Kit will be a set of APIs that applications can use to communicate with various web services such as Facebook, Twitter, and

There were several issues that limited this list. First, it is of utmost importance that Google Summer of Code remains the top priority. Based on that, the mentors have agreed that is not in the best interest of Haiku to encourage mentoring more than one student. Students such as Francesco Piccinno and JiSheng Zhang are participating in Google Summer of Code with other organizations and therefore are not eligible to participate in this year's Haiku Code Drive. Some students simply failed to reply to our requests to participate. Lastly, other students did not have someone capable of effectively mentoring them.

The format of Haiku Code Drive 2009, will in large be similar to last year. The timeline will closely follow Google Summer of Code's timeline. A stipend of $2,500 USD will be provided to successfully completed projects. Non-completed projects will be considered for half payment. The students will be encouraged to maintain a blog, provided to them on this website, with status updates. In general, they will be treated with the same respect and courtesy as our students who are participating through Google.

The finances for both students is already secured. As you may recall, some students from last year's Haiku Code Drive did not complete their projects. Due to this, $2,500 was left over and earmarked for future use. The other half of the money was paid to Haiku for our participation in Google Summer of Code 2008.


Re: It's Official! Haiku Code Drive 2009!

Wow! Fantastic news! Good choices of projects, too. Thank you, mentors and students. Have a successful Summer of Haiku Code!

I find it a bit disappointing that there's no donation rally this year, as the funds are already there, however. A Code Drive is something many people can be motivated to donate some money. It feels a bit like a missed opportunity...

Maybe we'll soon have another opportunity for everyone to spend their loose change, though...

Re: It's Official! Haiku Code Drive 2009!

Great news!
I am big fun of Haiku development.

When will be first Beta of this OS?
Do you have some timelime project schedule with milestones?

Thanks a lot for your work!

Viktor (from Prague)
p.s. I am not developer, but maybe I can help with marketing or such)

Re: It's Official! Haiku Code Drive 2009!

Thanks! I'm looking forward to completing this project. I'm working on an initial blog post to layout more clearly what my goals for the project are and detail my current work - it should be up later today.

Thanks for being such a great community and please be involved in my project - any and all suggestions will improve my work and therefore Haiku.

Oh, and Ankur, I really look forward to your project as well - that will make Haiku much more usable.

Re: It's Official! Haiku Code Drive 2009!

Both of these look like really cool projects

Tom I believe there was some ideas about integrating a webhelp type of service into the BeAPI sort of like instant access to other users help for each program from the program's menu that would be pretty cool... also I think opensocial might be of some relevance since it trys to integrate all the APIs into one it might be of use I dunno

Ankur Indexed searching is gonna be handy I wonder if image indexing could be done for instance label a person in one image and the software would find them in other photos and label them as well although that is probably beyond the scope of your project

yet another GSoC it just gets better and better :-)

Re: It's Official! Haiku Code Drive 2009!

I'm a little disappointed my suggestion wasn't followed, although I'm unsure there would have been a mentor for a wireless networking project (i.e Ithamar) as the mailing list was private.

I suggested that Haikuware would transfer the project and funds ~$1400 it raised for the wireless networking bounty to Haiku for the code drive in the hopes that more money could be raised for the developer. There's already a student actively working on it.

Although, if not considered, hopefully it can still be successful like the Bluetooth, WebKit & ATA projects :)

Re: It's Official! Haiku Code Drive 2009!

Thanks. Looking forward to a fun summer this year :D

I'll write about my project in more detail and post it here later today. Also, I'm waiting to read more about the Services Kit :)

Re: It's Official! Haiku Code Drive 2009!

Finally full-text indexing, when this task will be completed nobody will complain that OSX has Spotlight and Haiku not!!
I would thank Matt for the work he's doing with GSoC and HCD, thanks Matt!

Re: It's Official! Haiku Code Drive 2009!

Congratulations, good programming to all of you students!
Oh and by the way please make sure that Haiku doesn't standard index USB sticks, something OSX does and it annoys me seeing those .trash etc files when I use my stick on a windows machine. (And also when I borrow a stick there shouldn't be stuff left afterwards.)

Re: It's Official! Haiku Code Drive 2009!

yeah because we have the indexed attributes and text indexing seems like a natural next step

Re: It's Official! Haiku Code Drive 2009!

Agreed. This annoys me to no end as well. Linux does it too when I delete files.