Website in Read-Only Mode Due to Upgrade in Preparation For Alpha 1 Release

News posted on Wed, 2009-09-09 16:37

Redesigned Haiku websiteThe redesigned Haiku website

In preparation for the upcoming Haiku R1 Alpha 1 release, we are working on a Drupal upgrade and a redesign of the Haiku website. As a result, is scheduled to operate in read-only mode from approximately September 9th at 17:00 through the 14th at 00:00AM (UTC). During this time, no major outages are expected and the website will be online for the most part, but the following operations will be disabled:

  • Creating new accounts
  • Editing existing accounts
  • Posting new content (to forums, blogs, documents, etc.)
  • Editing any existing content
  • Posting new comments or editing existing ones

The upgraded website is scheduled to be fully operational in time for the Alpha 1 release date. Until then, please use the mailing lists or our IRC channels as means of communication with the community. Our bug reporting tool is unaffected, and will continue to operate as usual.