Stephan back at the wheel & a website for Haiku, Inc.

News posted on Thu, 2010-08-12 00:24

Axel has now completed his contract, and intends to pursue the Haikuware bounty for implementing the missing bits of WiFi support over the next weeks.

Your generous donations are allowing us to continue contracting Haiku developers for money. Thank-You-All for supporting these efforts!

Stephan has submitted (edit: and has been accepted for) a development contract -- 160 hours at $2000 USD. Originally he proposed for additional features relating to WebPositive. However in the scope of the next release and even R1 (Final), other areas whose outstanding bugs and issues need greater attention:

  • app_server
  • MediaPlayer
  • Media Kit

Purchasing time and allocating it towards these areas will remove another obstacle while moving towards the great goal of R1.

Lastly in case you didn't hear yet, Haiku, Inc. has launched a website for itself! A few days ago, there was a reminder that using or modifying the trademarked HAIKU logo as your logo is not `OK'. This is strictly about using the HAIKU logo as branding for your goods or services. On the other hand, displaying the logo for saying We support Haiku or as part of an explanation of what is Haiku is allowed and encouraged.


Re: Stephan back at the wheel & a website for Haiku, Inc.

Excellent news. Best of luck squashing media kit bugs!

Re: Stephan back at the wheel & a website for Haiku, Inc.

I don't know why but i got a good feeling just before i came on this website :)

Re: Stephan back at the wheel & a website for Haiku, Inc.

Welcome back stippi!

It's great to see that Haiku raised money to support your main devs!

passing to "feature request" area now:

Is very hard add OpenAL backend to media kit?

Or it's a matter of GPL license?

we have GPL'ed code in the trunk...

Re: Stephan back at the wheel & a website for Haiku, Inc.


As an on-again, off-again user of Haiku I've been very impressed with the progress that has been made. As a ground-up alternative to what's currently available I can only congratulate the team on the work that has been done.

Not being that close the the development approach, number of contributors to the project or technical complexities that are involved I've noted with interest the current approach of supporting high-impact development through paid contracts. Usually by key and long-standing members of the Haiku development team.

So here's the question: Once paid develpment enters a open-source project how does one incentivise the long-term development effort? In other words, is there a risk that monetary incentives will distort the virtuous cycle that is created by developers freely giving their time and effort to projects that they are motivated to contribute to?

Put another way, how does one increase the community of developers, testers and champions of an open source project when some of the effort is financially rewarded and some of it not? Is that not a disincentive to the network effect that open source projects usually create?

I'm sure there are specific motivations for adopting the current approach, and quite possibly it is only a short-term "intervention" to accomplish important milestones in the project. However, for a non-technical (end-user community) outsider looking in certain risks seem to be created by this hybrid approach.

Re: Stephan back at the wheel & a website for Haiku, Inc.

  1. "free" in "free software" means free as freedom not free as a beer.
  2. paid developers are also big, regular and reliable contributers(volunteers).
  3. paid developers are not paid that much, and they need to eat as every ones.
  4. Full-time developments are essential to the quality of the result. (versus 1 hour here or there)

So I do not share your worries, and that's why I support these hires.

Re: Stephan back at the wheel & a website for Haiku, Inc.

The thing to remember is that these paid-contracts allow developers to dedicate large blocks of time, which normally would not be available for Haiku development. These contracts aren't for purchasing an hour here, three hours, nor for working on something that wouldn't help reaching R1 (Final or the next release). The contracts are specifically for putting Haiku on the fast track to R1,

When the budget was proposed back in late 2009, the topic of paying developers did raise some very good points -- both for and against.

Recently on the haiku-inc mailing list, I mentioned the idea of organizing information on which features will definitely delay R1 (Final) and to hopefully be able to have a series of all-or-nothing style donation drives. If something like this is successful, both in terms of being accepted as an idea, raising money, and being able to make significant progress towards R1, ... well, it could be the difference R1 (Final) being released a year, two, or even three ahead of what it would normally take as a purely developed-in-free-time.

Lastly, another important point is that the developers are contacting Haiku, Inc., and asking for the contract -- as opposed to being cherry-picked or otherwise sought out.

Re: Stephan back at the wheel & a website for Haiku, Inc.

The application for the Wifi Encryption bounty was accepted and has now begun (with an expected completion of ~ Dec. 15th).

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Hurray to Stippi...

Nice to hear that Stippi is going to work on the nasty mediakit which makes my system not work with Haiku Alpha 2.

Alpha 1 was working nicely.

Most problems I got with the mediakit...

Good decision to work on these points.

Re: Stephan back at the wheel & a website for Haiku, Inc.

** WOW **

The new MediaPlayer seems awesome in the latest rev!