Invitation to BeGeistert 024

News posted on Tue, 2011-10-11 16:24

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Dear Haiku developers and users!

We'd like to invite everyone to HSA's 24th BeGeistert, the largest Haiku conference around. On the weekend of October 29th/30th developers and users meet again in Düsseldorf's Youth Hostel to code and talk and see what's new in the Haiku world. A perfect opportunity to learn of others' projects or present your own.
Currently we plan to have these talks and workshops on the agenda:

  • Ingo Weinhold demonstrates the state of our package management.

  • Oliver Tappe leads the way from SVN to GIT for Haiku's source control.

  • Michael Lotz regales us with an account of the first weeks of his half-year Haiku contract and what's planned for the immediate future.

  • Stephan Aßmus reveals the in and out of layout management (if he makes it to BeGeistert He'll be there. Yay!).

  • Robert Stiehler shows off his project Voptop.

  • Matt Madia reports of his work for Haiku Inc.

  • Besides these talks and workshops we'll have a "patch hour" where everyone tries to get as many patches from our bugtracker committed to the Haiku trunk as possible.

After the weekend there'll again be a week-long Code Sprint where a bunch of Haiku developers do some marathon programming. Sitting in one room helps tremendously when tackling tough problems together. Join them to find out for yourself!

Registration is now possible and highly recommended to make sure you find a place in the youth hostel.

For technical reasons, if you registered before the middle of September and never received and replied to a confirmation mail, you'll have to register again. Sorry about that...

For more information visit the BeGeistert website or have a look at the event calendar.
We hope many Haiku fans can make it to BeGeistert 024 and celebrate with us the 10th year of Haiku development!

Your BeGeistert team