Haiku Release 1 Alpha 4

News posted on Mon, 2012-11-12 05:00

This release features many improvements across the board, including:

  • Bugs – Over 1000 bugs have been fixed since the alpha 3 release.
  • Debugging – New native Debugger application. Ability to generate QR codes in KDL.
  • File System – BFS is more robust. Improved NTFS support. Better Blu-ray Disc support.
  • Hardware – Improved USB OHCI Drivers. Improved CPU identification.
  • Localization – Improved translations. New keymap switcher application.
  • Multimedia – New 10-band equalizer.
  • Networking – Improved network card drivers. New pcnet driver. Early IPv6 support.
  • OpenGL Kit – Mesa updated to 7.8.2 for gcc2, and 8.1.0-devel for gcc4.
  • System – Improved virtual memory settings and swap file creation logic.
  • Video – Support for most Radeon HD chips as well as Intel Extreme chipsets.
  • Wireless – WPA/WPA2 support. Improved wireless card drivers.

For more about R1 Alpha 4, visit www.haiku-os.org/get-haiku/release-notes

Haiku R1 Alpha 4 availability

About Haiku

The Haiku Project is a volunteer based initiative and was started on August 18th, 2001. The goal of the project is to develop and promote the adoption of Haiku, an open source, general purpose operating system. Haiku adopts design concepts from the BeOS® and takes it to the next level by infusing those concepts with recent advances in technology.

We would like to thank all donors enabling development contracts funded through Haiku, Inc. and Haikuware's bounty program, the HSA for organizing the BeGeistert conferences, and Google's Summer of Code and Google Code-in programs.

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