Haiku is looking for Web Developers

News posted on Sat, 2012-12-22 21:28

The Haiku project is supported by various websites and web services, such as the development tracker and the translation tools. For all these services we have various short and long term goals and objectives, and we are looking for help to realize our plans.

Helping out means that you are contributing to the continued development of Haiku! We are looking for people with Drupal/PHP skills and people with Python experience.

Drupal Developer

Haiku uses Drupal as our CMS system. Our short term goals are:

  • Make a new screenshot gallery
  • Improve our forums

In the long term we want to migrate to Drupal 8. That requires the rewriting of our customized theme and designing a strategy to migrate our content.

Do you have the following skills?

  • Knowledge of PHP is required
  • Familiarity with Drupal administration and Drupal internals is appreciated
  • A willingness to learn about Drupal module development

Python Developer

Haiku's development tracker and translation tool are both web-services written in Python. The development tracker is powered by Trac and the translation tool is powered by Pootle, which is built on top of the Django framework.

For Trac we are looking into improving the performance of the Git module. Currently it is too inefficient to work on a Git repository of our size. We would like to explore various options for improving the performance. For Pootle we are looking to extending it to support translated resources, like the images in our user guide, so that Pootle can also be used for our user guide translations.

Do you have the following skills?

  • Knowledge of web development with Trac
  • Familiarity with the Django framework, or the willingness to learn
  • Familiarity of Trac, or the willingness to learn
  • Interested in Helping Out?

    If you are interested in helping out the Haiku project in this area, please drop a line to the haiku-web mailing list. Introduce yourself, post some references of what you have done before, and let us know which web tool you would like to work on. We will then help you get started on one of our projects.