Contract extension and 2013 financial review.

News posted on Fri, 2014-02-07 03:01

Pawel's contract has concluded with his work being merged into Haiku's master repository. Hopefully within the next few days, he will be able to post another blog post to summarize the improvements.

Now the even better news -- the recent donations from everyone has made it possible for Adrien to continue for another month! If another $1200 USD is raised by the end of this month, then there will definitely be enough funds to keep him coding through March (At the moment, our reserves would drop to below $800 USD, which is something we try to avoid.)

As you may have seen on Adrien's blog posts, there has been some great work by other contributors which will help propel our WebKit port even further. Jérôme Duval (korli), has incorporated GCC 4.8 into Haiku. This provides support for C++11, which is being used in newer versions of WebKit and allows the newer code to compile more easily. Stephan Aßmus (stippi) has been working on implementing support for alpha masks in app_server. This will allow app_server (and every application) to properly draw objects such as rounded rectangles. These are some specific examples of how one individual's contributions open up further development opportunities for others.

As a brief look at the 2013 financial year, over $25,000 USD was raised (about $3,000 more than last year)! This was possible only through the combined good will of every donor. To each and every person who donated (390 people in all), THANK YOU!!

The average number of recurring monthly donors went up from 29 individuals, who donated a combined $400 to 37 people donating a combined $525. While the number of one time donations dropped in 2013, the average amount per donation rose from $34 in 2012 to $49 in 2013. In 2012, there were 532 one-time donations totaling $18000 with a $34 average per donation and $1500 per month average. The averages in 2013 improved with 408 donations for a total of $20000, $49 per donation and $1670 monthly average.

Looking to this year, $9244 has already been raised!!! (of which $5,000 was Google's donation, which was received in January.) Currently there are 46 monthly subscribers donating almost $800 per month! That's almost $1,000 per month! Help us break a milestone of $1,000 per month through recurring monthly donations and sign up today at