Google Code-In 2014 Wrap Up Report

News posted on Fri, 2015-02-13 08:53

Google has now announced the 24 winners for Google Code-In 2014, with Josef Gajdusek and Puck Meerburg being the two winners from Haiku. This is Puck’s second time winning for Haiku. This year we got to pick our top 5 out of the top 10 students who completed that most tasks for Haiku. Augustin Cavalier was selected as our backup winner, and Markus Himmel and Chirayu Desai were selected as finalist. Chirayu was a GCI 2013 winner with RTEMS, and made the jump to Haiku when RTEMS took this year off from GCI.

This was the fifth year of Google’s Code-In, and the fifth for Haiku. This year we had 6 students who completed 20 or more tasks, one more than in 2013. We had 36 students who completed three or more tasks and qualified for a Google Code-In T-Shirt, and 53 students who completed two or more tasks. This was the first year of having beginner tasks, aimed at lowering the bar to get more new students introduced into open source. Haiku had 149 total students complete at least one task, many of those were for the beginner tasks. We had 164 beginner tasks completed, which was mostly just to introduce students to booting and using Haiku. Other beginner tasks were to compile Haiku or to install and use Haikuporter to build a package from a recipe file. In total students completed a staggering 435 tasks this time for Haiku.

Notable tasks this year included HaikuWeather, SuperFreeCell, bookmarkconvert and catkey editor. Many haikuporter recipes were updated, added, etc, including several for fonts giving us more coverage for various languages. Several Haiku related wikipedia articles were updated. Many Haiku trac tickets got fixed, many coverity issues were addressed, a few new GUI controls for Haiku were created, several apps were updated to make use of Layout Manager. Many of the recipes included updating source code over at Haiku Archives. Many of these are or will be added into Haiku Depot. A few new screensavers were also added. Overall a pretty productive year again for Haiku’s GCI students.

Last year Google invited each org to send one of their mentors along to the awards trip in San Francisco. I made the trip and got to meet up with Puck and Freeman. This year we asked the two winning students which mentor they’d most like to see make the trip this year, and they both picked Adrien as their number one choice, and Adrien has agreed to go.

I’d like to thank the 17 Haiku mentors and all 149 students who completed at least one task for Haiku this year. Also a special thanks to those who were on irc to help handle the flood of students during the contest. Also a shout out to Stephanie Taylor and the rest of the team at Google for having Google Code-In, and for picking Haiku to participate.

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