Google Code-in 2019 finished

Blog post by humdinger on Thu, 2020-02-13 08:14

This 2019/2020 Google Code-in (GCI) was the 10th iteration in as many years and according to Google’s stats it was the most successful yet: In 7 weeks 3,566 students from 76 countries finished 20,840 tasks for 29 open source organizations!

Haiku was one of those organizations - the only open source project, by the way, that participated in all 10 editions of GCI - and we had our share of dedicated students that completed numerous tasks, big and small. You may have noticed the increased updates on the HaikuPorts commits page, that got even more busy than usual. Other tasks resulted in new and updated documentation, guides and videos. Projects at HaikuArchives saw bugfixes and new features. Apps were tested and new issues were discovered and filed at their bugtracker.

Of all our students our mentors pick two Grand Prize Winners who - along with their parents/guardians - are invited to the Google HQ in California. Picking the winners isn’t easy, as you can imagine. It’s not so much the number of tasks (though both of them have about 30, usually 10+ tasks get you into that judging round), but more the difficulty of the tasks, the quality of the solutions and how self-sufficient the students work.

Haiku’s Grand Prize Winners this year are:

  • Abdur-Raheem Idowu (R4H33M) from Norway
  • Rafał Bernacki (RaV) from Poland

The Runners Up, who are the understudies should anything prevent a Grand Prize Winner to follow Google’s invitation:

  • Emily
  • Panagiotis Vasilopoulos (panos/alwayslivid)

Two more Finalists won a special GCI jacket and t-shirt:

  • Ruixuan Tu (TURX)
  • Zoltán Szatmáry (Zotyamester)

Congratulations to all six of them and thank you to all participating students and our mentors! A thanks also to the whole Haiku community whose help on IRC and elsewhere allows our core developers not to be disrupted too much and to get away without investing too much of their precious time.

We’d love if some of our students stuck around and kept contributing to Haiku. Not just for getting a head start for the next GCI… :)