Call for Wallpapers

News posted on Thu, 2020-10-08 13:00

One of the most common feedback that we receive is that Haiku needs some nice colourful wallpapers shipping with its releases. We definitely want to improve the current situation. And we need your help.

Haiku currently ships with only one (1) wallpaper, and it’s not a complete wallpaper per se, it’s just the Haiku logo positioned at fixed coordinates on the screen. To be fair, there is a reason we only use the Haiku logo as the default wallpaper; we want Haiku to be usable on systems that have memory as low as 256 MB, therefore each byte that we can spare counts. It’s also works relatively well with different screen resolutions.

We are looking for artists that can contribute to Haiku with some appealing wallpapers. To be more precise, we are looking for either:

  1. Artistic variations of the Haiku logo, to be used as the default wallpaper
  2. Vector or bitmap illustrations, to be included in the release
  3. We are NOT looking for photographs of any kind, any submitted work should be an illustration of some kind.


Artists are free to submit in any category they please. We hope the guidelines below will help:

  • Illustrations should be positioned in landscape, and should be at least 5K in size (for bitmap submissions).
  • Logo variations are encouraged to preserve the current theme. Doodle versions are welcome.
  • Using subtle haiku themes, such as leaves, Far-Eastern typography, and literature are encouraged. Anime-themed drawings are also welcome, but should there be human characters, they should not be the main focus.
  • If you want to go full 90’s, and submit a version suitable for tiled backgrounds, just let us know :).
  • Entries should include a note that the work is licensed under CC Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International or a similar license. The license file should look something like this:
    Haiku Desktop Background   
    Copyright 2020, [Name-of-the-artist] <>   
    Licensed under CC Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.   
    [Optional additional info]
  • Artists are encouraged to name their work as they please, otherwise you would be leaving the naming part to the mercy of the Haiku developers.
  • Submitted work should be in *.wonderbrush, *.svg, *.kra or *.xcf format.


Send your work to humdingerb (at) gmail and bitigchi (at) me. A .png version will be appended to this post for showcasing. For your submission, please create an archive with your workfiles, a PNG preview, and a license file. If the resulting (zip, tar.gz, etc.) archive is larger than 5 MiB, please upload it somewhere and just mail the link to it.

Submission deadline

There is no strict deadline for the call, we would like you to take as much time as you need. We would love to include your work in the next beta release. Depending on the number of entries before the release date, a vote might be held at the Haiku forums in each respective category.

Current Submissions

Thank you very much for being a part of the Haiku universe!