Haiku R1/Beta3 Timeline Approved

News posted on Mon, 2021-06-14 16:45

The release timeline for Haiku R1/Beta 3 has been approved after a 7 day RFC (Request for Comment) period on the mailing list.

Access the release timeline on the Trac wiki. Note that minor changes to the dates may occur.

If all goes to plan, Beta 3 will be released sometime after the 24th of July. Note that the release will only happen when everything is ready, so there are no final dates and the timeline may change to account for delays.

The Promotion Team is currently investigating Beta3 DVDs and USB sticks to order: the Inc. has been notified and quotes have been requested from two possible services.

Additional updates will be issued through the “News” and “Blog Posts” sections of the website as the release date nears.