Haiku R1/Beta3 Timeline Update

News posted on Tue, 2021-07-13 10:14

The Haiku Project’s release coordinator for the R1/Beta3 release, kallisti5, has made the decision to bump back the release of R1/Beta3 by one week.

The updated timeline is here.

The Beta3 release introduces an important update to Haiku WebKit, which subsequently produces some rendering regressions.

While several of the bugs have already been fixed in Haiku WebKit this week, one final bug remains, which involves an issue with disappearing text.

Given the amazing progress made by developers working on WebKit and WebPositive in the last week, the release has been pushed back by a week to give them additional time to fix the issue.

It is possible for Haiku WebKit updates to be issued post-release, however it is a priority of the Haiku Project to ensure that the browsing experience in Haiku is as best as it can be, especially considering that the web browsers are an important part of any operating system and that WebPositive is a major focus point for reviewers.

We thank you for your understanding and your patience.