Haiku, Inc. Financial Report for 2022 is now available

News posted on Sun, 2023-01-22 12:00

The Haiku, Inc. financial report for 2022 is now available on the Haiku, Inc. Documents page.

Our donations for 2022 were almost as high as 2021, which was our record year so far.

In 2022 our contractor waddlesplash worked the whole year, and we got a Beta 4 release near Christmas due to his efforts as well as from our many other contributors.

I want to extend a huge thanks to all our donors, everyone in the project really appreciates every donation we get. A lot got done in 2022 and 2023 should be another great year for Haiku. I won’t make any predictions as far as releases are concerned (I’ve learned not to do that anymore), but I know Haiku will continue to improve and become a better system for daily use every month. Much of this is due to the support of our donors which allows us to pay someone to work on Haiku.