Haiku to mentor 5 students in Google Summer of Code 2024

News posted on Thu, 2024-05-02 08:00

For many years now, Haiku is a regular participant in the Google Summer of Code program, which offers paid mentorship to people willing to work full time on Haiku for a few months. Google handles the payments, while mentors from our developer team handle the onboarding of the new contributors and guide them through the project.

Read more about Google Summer of Code 2024.

We received several great applications this year, and 5 developers were selected!

  • Calisto Abel Mathias, mentored by Nielx and Humdinger, will work on redesigning the Tracker query window to make it more user friendly.
  • Daniel Martin, mentored by Scottmc and Waddlesplash, will work on accelerated virtualization for QEMU using NVMM.
  • Diego Roux, mentored by Korli, will work on a virtio audio driver, for use when Haiku is used inside a virtual machine.
  • Trungnt2910 (who worked on C# in GSoC 2023), will be mentored by Waddlesplash to work on improving Debugger and making GDB or LLDB usable for debugging Haiku applications.
  • Zardshard (who worked on Icon-O-Matic in GSoC 2023), will be mentored by PulkoMandy to work on the WebKit2 port to Haiku.
  • Please welcome them to the community! You may have already met them on the forums and IRC. We're looking forward to a very productive summer and a lot of progress on these important topics!