Symbolic Milestones

News posted on Sun, 2007-01-28 22:58

Some will argue that these were just meaningless numbers, nevertheless we have reached significant milestones today: 1000th bug entry, and even better, 20000th subversion change. Recent subversion changes include many bug fixes and several additions in the file system area. Several file system add-ons were ported from BeOS (Haiku has a different VFS interface): NTFS, using a GPLed libntfs, should even handle writing if you don't mind some risk of losing data.

Haiku Website: Taking One Little Step Forward

News posted on Sun, 2007-01-21 22:42

BodyWe finally have the long promised new website. It has taken much longer than expected, but hopefully the wait was worth it. I would like to briefly introduce some of the (not so obvious) changes, and try to explain how to make the best of the Haiku website as a tool for the community to contribute to our project. About Section Haiku Gallery For starters, there is now a new Haiku Gallery.

Haiku Tech Talks to be Held at Google

News posted on Wed, 2007-01-17 10:41

BodyWe are very excited to inform the community that a series of Haiku Tech Talks have been scheduled at Google. Long time Haiku developer and OpenBFS Team leader Bruno Albuquerque (BGA), now working at Google since last year, has made arrangements for these talks, giving us a precious opportunity to introduce the Haiku Project to many Google engineers. The Haiku talks are scheduled to be held at the following Google locations in the dates shown below:

VMWare Graphics Driver for Haiku in the Works

News posted on Fri, 2007-01-12 07:21

BodyHaiku using VMWare driver in Intel MACEric Petit has recently given us the great news on the Haiku mailing list that he has started work on a VMWare graphics driver/accelerant for Haiku. This driver is expected not only to make Haiku snappier when run in VMWare, but it will also enable Haiku's ability to select different screen resolutions and changing them without rebooting the system, a feature that is not available when video is running in VESA mode.

2007 New Year Greeting

News posted on Tue, 2007-01-02 00:10

BodyAnother year is gone, and a new one has just began. Looking back, 2006 was a good year for Haiku: we saw not only gains in functionality, features and stability, but also in looks. The USB and the network stacks where two prominent areas where progress was made; lots of other additions and improvements were also made under the hood, and, of course, the expected bug fixes, which were many.

Xmas Present for WalterCon 2006 Attendants

News posted on Tue, 2006-12-19 02:03

At the WalterCon 2006 conference recently held in Orlando, we had planned a drawing with prizes from our sponsors. Unfortunately, due to an internal communication mishap, the drawing did not happen. But since we still want to show our gratitude to everyone who attended WalterCon, we have decided to give out one of the software packages donated by the event sponsors to each of the attendees, as a small token of appreciation.

Haiku to Exhibit at SCaLE 5x Conference

News posted on Thu, 2006-12-14 19:36

We are excited to announce that the Haiku Project is scheduled to exhibit at SCaLE 5x, the Fifth Annual Southern California Linux Expo, to be held at The Westin Los Angeles Airport hotel on the weekend of February 10 and 11, 2007. This is our debut at a major open source conference and represents an important first step towards becoming a widely recognized member of the global open source community.

Chinese Language Support for Haiku

News posted on Fri, 2006-12-08 19:12

We are pleased to announce that Haiku has taken its first steps towards supporting the Chinese language. Developer Anthony Lee has graciously donated to Haiku the code of BeCJK, an input server add-on based input method which will allow Haiku users to enter text in the Chinese language. We have now set out to find a good set of Chinese fonts that could be used in Haiku, and Anthony is giving us some advise on that front too.

Haiku Network Stack Takes First Baby Steps

News posted on Thu, 2006-12-07 01:32


IRC client Vision running on HaikuIRC client Vision running on Haiku

Thanks to the dedicated work of lead developer Axel Dörfler, the Haiku network stack has started taking its first baby steps. After this commit, Axel himself and several others have reported successfully running the Vision IRC client in Haiku. Setting up the network requires editing a couple of configuration files, but it should be fairly straighforward for those brave enought to give it a try; Axel explains how to do it here.

Great work Axel!

Flash Support Coming to Haiku

News posted on Tue, 2006-11-28 03:01

While this is not part of the core Haiku development, we still feel it is important for our platform and our Haiku fans to report this news. We are excited to tell you that Haiku developer Michael Lotz is porting the open source Flash player Gnash to Haiku. This port is based on the latest Gnash 0.7.2 release, and uses the AGG rendering backend (which Haiku uses for its graphics system), and a native GUI.