How to connect to the Internet through a Windows Proxy

As i discovered recently, WebPositive is unable to authenticate to a Microsoft proxy, as such proxies use a proprietary protocol named NTLM. So I came to an easy solution :

  • Download NTLMAPS (from another computer of course) : it is a tiny Python script able to talk to a Microsoft proxy
  • Edit the script to replace the string /usr/bin/python by /bin/python
  • Configure the server.cfg file with your domain/username/password
  • Put a link to into ~/config/boot/launch, so the local proxy will be run automatically at boot.
  • Modify the ~/config/settings/boot/UserSetupEnvironment to add http_proxy=USER:PASSWORD@ If the file doesn't exist, just copy and rename the UserSetupEnvironment.sample. 5865 is the default port for the NTLMAPS proxy in the server.cfg file.
  • Reboot, or just run the and execute the UserSetupEnvironment file.