Working with resources using xres

To extract resources from a binary file, say HaikuDepot, into a resources file HaikuDepot.rsrc, run the xres command like this:

~> xres -o HaikuDepot.rsrc HaikuDepot
If the binary file contains resources, the output file will be created (or overwritten if it already exists). Otherwise, the output file will be neither created nor touched (if already exists). To list the resources of a binary or resources file, use the -l switch like this:
~> xres -l HaikuDepot

HaikuDepot resources:

 type           ID        size  name
------ ----------- -----------  --------------------
'MIMS'           1          35  BEOS:APP_SIG
'CSTR'           1          46  SYS:NAME
'APPF'           1           4  BEOS:APP_FLAGS
'MSGG'           1         134  BEOS:FILE_TYPES
'VICN'         101        1283  BEOS:ICON
'VICN'         501          54  star
'VICN'         502         119  thumbs up
'VICN'         503         119  thumbs down
'VICN'         504          71  installed
'APPV'           1         680  BEOS:APP_VERSION
(You can also use the listres command to list the resources of a file.) To add resources from a resources file to a binary file, we can again use the -o switch:
~> xres -o HaikuDepot HaikuDepot.rsrc
There is no direct way to test whether a binary file contains resources because when listing or extracting resources, both xres and listres will return the status code 0 either way. However, you can indirectly test it using xres as demonstrated in the example below. The following shell script is a good example of how to use xres to back up and restore resources of a binary file. This is necessary because the strip --strip-debug command will remove debugging symbols and the resources section. #!/bin/sh rm -fr HaikuDepot.rsrc xres -o HaikuDepot.rsrc HaikuDepot # save resources from HaikuDepot into HaikuDepot.rsrc strip --strip-debug HaikuDepot if [ -e HaikuDepot.rsrc ]; then # test the existence of HaikuDepot.rsrc xres -o HaikuDepot HaikuDepot.rsrc # restore saved resources into HaikuDepot rm HaikuDepot.rsrc fi