Toshiba C660 WIFI (RTL8188CE) problems

Forum thread started by Ed Raket on Tue, 2013-01-22 12:44


First of all i like to say im plesantly surprised by this fast and user friendly os! i would be verry happy if i could get my WIFI to work on this Toshiba C660 notebook with the RTL8188CE device. does anyone know how i can get this to work?

Any help much appreciated :)



Re: Toshiba C660 WIFI (RTL8188CE) problems

I am having a similar problem.

I have tried various nightly builds and I have followed the offline instructions to no avail. I've copied the files in place.

Any help? Also, I'm pretty new to Haiku so step-by-step instructions would be great.


Re: Toshiba C660 WIFI (RTL8188CE) problems

We mostly support the same Networkcards as FreeBSD. So If they have support for them check the name of the driver and if it's added resently.

Here you can se what's the curent version of the FreeBSD driver (9.1) and the name of the FreeBSD driver also.

If it works on FreeBSD and not listed in the list it's not ported and need a ticket in track :)


Re: Toshiba C660 WIFI (RTL8188CE) problems

@gwise= I tried the same things, installing (offline instructions)extra drivers doesn't help

@kim1963= The rtl81xx driver is present in boot/system/addons/drivers/bin but doesnt seem to work correctly...