Haiku is an open-source operating system that specifically targets personal computing. Inspired by the BeOS, Haiku is fast, simple to use, easy to learn and yet very powerful.

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The Haiku source is continually built and released for testing purposes nearly every day. You can download and install these latest snapshots to check out the latest features and bug-fixes.

Be aware that nightly images may be unstable. Additionally, some packages included with official releases need to be installed separately.

If you're OK with this, you can find further instructions at our Nightly image page.

Haiku, Inc. accepts contract relating to package management

News posted on Mon, 2010-12-27 23:50

As seen with the poll for the must-have features for R1, the lack of proper package management is clearly one of the items that are delaying the release of R1. More importantly though, as package management is an actual lacking feature (as opposed to a bug in an existing implementation), even the beta cycle is being blocked as a result. In order to progress, Haiku needs package management.

R1 (Final) Features Poll

By large, the Haiku Project is based on a meritocracy -- the notion of people gaining prestige and influence in the project by making valuable contributions (whether it be code, documentation, or other recognized services to the project). However, there are also elements of a representative democracy, where the voting body will consider the thoughts of the larger user base of Haiku when making decisions. But there is no doubt that at the end of the day decisions are made by members of the meritocracy.

This general interest poll, is to allow you -- yes you! -- the opportunity to effectively express your thoughts on which features should be present in Haiku R1 (Final). For R1, a balance must be attained between delaying the release and making Haiku R1 a well polished, impressive and feature rich release.

This poll will remain open until Sunday December 12, 2010 (approximately 19:00 UTC). Afterwards, the results will be merged onto the FutureHaiku/Features wiki page on the Haiku Project's Development Tracker. A courtesy email will also be sent to the [haiku-development] mailing list.

This general interest poll is now closed.. The results have been attached as images to FutureHaiku/Features. A mailing list discussion will occur later in the week, as some active committers have yet to post their thoughts. Thank you all for participating!

2010 Google Code-In Contest, Haiku Selected as a Participating Organization

Blog post by scottmc on Thu, 2010-11-18 20:17

Haiku has been selected as one of twenty organizations to participate in the 2010 Google Code-In!

From the Google announcement[1]:

Google Code-In logo

Google's contest to introduce pre-university students to the many kinds of contributions that make open source software development possible, is starting on November 22, 2010. We are inviting students worldwide to produce a variety of open source code, documentation, training materials and user experience research for the organizations participating this year. These tasks include:

1. Code: Tasks related to writing or refactoring code
2. Documentation: Tasks related to creating/editing documents
3. Outreach: Tasks related to community management and outreach/marketing
4. Quality Assurance: Tasks related to testing and ensuring code is of high quality
5. Research: Tasks related to studying a problem and recommending solutions
6. Training: Tasks related to helping others learn more
7. Translation: Tasks related to localization
8. User Interface: Tasks related to user experience research or user interface design and interaction

Since we were picked on November 5th, we have been busy getting our task list in order and putting together a good group of Haiku mentors for this. Many of the tasks are for translations, so we may still need a few more mentors to cover some of those tasks. If you are interested in mentoring please let us know on the mailing list. For a preview of some of the possible Haiku tasks, you can check the wiki page we used for gathering ideas[2].

2010 Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit

Blog post by scottmc on Tue, 2010-11-02 18:14

This year's Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit again fell on the same weekend as BeGeistert. This year Niels was able to make the trip. Niels and I attended the summit representing Haiku. We attended some of the same sessions but split up for others. As was the case last year we met a lot of developers from the other orgs, some I had met either at last years summit or other open source events. I talked with the VLC, FFMpeg and BeagleBoard guys on Friday night. One (or more) of the beagleboard.org guys works for TI in Community Development, and was exited to hear that Haiku was working on an Arm port and suggested he may be able to hook us up with Free Hardware. We may just have to cover the taxes to get such hardware to a developer in Europe is all. I have contacted him and will post an update on this when we get a response.

Here's the group picture. click to see larger view

October 2010 Code Sprint Report

Blog post by aldeck on Sat, 2010-10-30 01:08

Fernsehturm Düsseldorf

Preceding the BeGeistert 023 weekend was the usual weeklong Code Sprint (18.-22. of October 2010). Present to this year's coding sprint were (from left to right on the photo below):

Colin Günther (bosii)
Oliver Tappe (zooey)
Clemens Zeidler (czeidler)
Rene Gollent (anevilyak)
Alexandre Deckner (aldeck)

A Report From BeGeistert 023

Blog post by luroh on Sun, 2010-10-24 22:14

Probably forgetting half of what took place and getting the other half backwards, below are my recollections of BeGeistert 023.

BeGeistert 023 - Prime Time

Blog post by humdinger on Thu, 2010-09-23 13:05
BeGeistert Logo

On behalf of the Haiku Support Association (HSA), we'd like to invite you to our 23rd BeGeistert meeting on the weekend of 23./24. of October 2010. It will be held as usual in the nice conference rooms of the youth hostel in Düsseldorf, Germany.

BeGeistert is an excellent opportunity to mingle with and learn from other users and developers from all over Europe (and beyond: this year we're happy to be joined by Rene Gollent, flying over from the US, and Christof Lutteroth and Clemens Zeidler from New Zealand!). Hear about other people's projects or present your own, meet many of Haiku's core developers and discuss the future of Haiku. Or present your favorite KDL and see if our gurus can successfully debug it...

Preceding the BeGeistert weekend, there will be the usual weeklong Code Sprint (18.-22. of October 2010). The additional rent for the needed room is partly financed by Haiku Inc., so many thanks for that!

If you want to join the gang and help bring Haiku another big step forward, contact Stephan Aßmus as soon as possible.

As last BeGeistert, we'll have a separate workshop day on Monday, 25. of October 2010. This time Axel Dörfler will host the tutorial. It's planned to program a simple game, showing off multi-threading, messaging and queries; all tailored to the participants' coding skills of course. A perfect opportunity to pick the brains of one of Haiku's major architects.

The workshop has to be booked separately from the BeGeistert weekend and since places are limited, it's recommended to do so quickly!

Register now on the BeGeistert website!


Per night, incl. breakfast: 24,80 EUR
BeGeistert weekend, incl. lunch: 35,00 EUR
Programming workshop on Monday: 75,00 EUR
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