R1 (Final) Features Poll

By large, the Haiku Project is based on a meritocracy -- the notion of people gaining prestige and influence in the project by making valuable contributions (whether it be code, documentation, or other recognized services to the project). However, there are also elements of a representative democracy, where the voting body will consider the thoughts of the larger user base of Haiku when making decisions. But there is no doubt that at the end of the day decisions are made by members of the meritocracy.

This general interest poll, is to allow you -- yes you! -- the opportunity to effectively express your thoughts on which features should be present in Haiku R1 (Final). For R1, a balance must be attained between delaying the release and making Haiku R1 a well polished, impressive and feature rich release.

This poll will remain open until Sunday December 12, 2010 (approximately 19:00 UTC). Afterwards, the results will be merged onto the FutureHaiku/Features wiki page on the Haiku Project's Development Tracker. A courtesy email will also be sent to the [haiku-development] mailing list.
This general interest poll is now closed.. The results have been attached as images to FutureHaiku/Features. A mailing list discussion will occur later in the week, as some active committers have yet to post their thoughts. Thank you all for participating!