Haiku Slideshow (page 3)

  • Screenshot of Replicants

  • From some applets "Replicants" can be dragged out by their little red handle to live on, embedded in the Desktop.

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  • Screenshot of cluttered windows

  • Many open windows tend to clutter the desktop...

    Further reading: GUI

  • Screenshot of stacking windows

  • ...but windows can be stacked by their yellow tabs and are then resized and moved together...

    Further reading: Stack & Tile

  • Screenshot of tiling windows

  • ...or tiled, i.e. glued together at the border, and then also resized and moved as one.

    Further reading: Stack & Tile

  • Screenshot of workspaces

  • Spread out your work over up to 32 virtual workspaces, each may have a different background color or image and even screen resolution.

    Further reading: Workspaces

  • Screenshot of drill-down

  • Drilling down the file system hierarchy via context menus can be a quick alternative to digging through window after window.

    Further reading: Tracker