GCI 2015 meeting; D+3

Blog post by mmu_man on Tue, 2016-06-21 03:02

Stephanie cutting the map cakeThe last day was spent at the San Francisco office, which although smaller (they have "only" a few floors in a building), is quite nice, with a rooftop and other funny things.

We had a nice breakfast at the cafeteria (I sampled their croissants… not too bad for US ones).

GCI 2015 meeting; D+2

Blog post by mmu_man on Tue, 2016-06-21 03:00

Tuesday is going to be adventure-packed. Let's hope everyone slept well. I made a quick survey but I'm not sure everyone answered honestly. Although someone admitted lying on the bed and waking up with the clothes still on. No, I won't give names :D

We had to choose between a Segway tour or a visit to the Exploratorium.

GCI 2015 meeting; D+1

Blog post by mmu_man on Tue, 2016-06-14 06:56

Morning light in the bus[Looks like I'm still jet-lagged a week later... I'll try to publish my notes anyway, and put photos later on]

Today is the big day: we're going to the Googleplex in Mountain View!
It took a while to get there due to traffic jam, and we were on the lucky bus, the other ones took even more time. Before getting out we had a tour of the vast campus with the bus, showing the various buildings and places, and the famous gbikes everywhere.

GCI 2015 meeting; D day

Blog post by mmu_man on Mon, 2016-06-13 03:37

So this is the day.

I slept not too bad. The only trouble with rooms this big is you have to walk a lot :D

After two days hacking I wanted to do some sightseeing. I started by the cable-car, it's really funny the way it goes up and down. Then I went north on Van Ness, west on Lombard street, and I walked a little in the Presidio Park. Was nice to see some nature! And I finally saw the Golden-Gate Bridge in the distance. Then I walked back to town via the Palace of Fine Arts, Marina Boulevard (btw, boulevard is a French word, although there are several explanations for its origin), Fort Mason, and they I took the bus back to the hotel to get a shower and a little nap before the GCI Opening Party.

GCI 2015 meeting; D -1

Blog post by mmu_man on Sun, 2016-06-12 07:47

Saturday, also slept very well, I'm thinking about taking the mattress with me but it won't fit into the plane. and yet I woke up early to participate in a French radio show remotely, that is broadcasted live from the Very Important Party (a little DemoParty I usually attend), for them it's 5pm, but for me it's 8am…

At 10 I'm packing up as I'll have to change the hotel, I just hope I'll sleep as well in the next one. It's much more expensive but that doesn't always scale linearly with the sleep levels!

As I now know that NoiseBridge is usually quite empty in the morning, I just have a try at ringing the bell, but decide to have a walk in nearby streets, along Valencia, then back onto Mission Street. Finally, someone lets me in, and I find myself in the middle of people setting up for a concert. I actually noticed the "Noise Pancakes" event on their schedule already. I find a seat, pull my laptop, and start running VLC with the microphone as audio input, and the visualization effects sent to the Flaschen-Taschen (they have two, one is 20 by 25 pix, er, bottles, the other is 40 by 45). I also added some funny pictures and messages to the playlist, and played with it throughout the two hours of the event. It was mostly some strange music, although interesting. I did use earplugs though. The pancakes were excellent, btw.

At 2pm we were back to a few, we moved the tables back in place, and started hacking. Some others joined till the evening. I helped my table neighbor apply my VLC patch for the Flaschen-Taschen, and he had a lot of fun with it.
Then it was time to check-in at the other hotel, and oh, they were out of king-size beds, but I couldn't care less. Really, this room is the size of my entire flat! Who needs that much space to sleep anyway!?

Ok, let's see if the bed is as nice as it looks!

Next: D!

GCI 2015 meeting; D -2

Blog post by mmu_man on Sun, 2016-06-12 00:18

Friday, I sleep surprisingly well for a first night abroad. I chose to wear a red FSFE t-shirt "There is NO CLOUD, just some other people's computers".

At 10am I'm going out to get a donut and coffee, and try to get inside NoiseBridge. Ringing the bell didn't really work the first time, so I had to work a bit and retry once or twice. But then I was greeted by a French guy, who gave me a tour of the space : library, soldering stations, lots of parts, two classroom, a sewing space, and soon a large cutting machine… they have the whole 3rd floor of the building!

There weren't many occupants as most hackers were at the Toorcamp for the week. But gradually more people came in, either hackers with their own RFID pass, or visitors ringing the bell. After some time, we noticed there were more French-speaking people than natives :D

I plugged my laptop, found the (open) Wifi, and started writing a few slides for the GCI lightning talk on Monday. After some distractions (curse twitter!), I managed to produce 5 slides, which should be enough.

Then I decided to have a look at the Flaschen-Taschen LEDs-in-bottles screens that can be controlled over the network. There already was some code to send videos to it, but I decided to add a vout module right into VLC. And… it works! Just need to upstream the patch now.

Next: D-1

GCI 2015 meeting; D -3

Blog post by mmu_man on Sat, 2016-06-11 23:51

So, it's Thursday and I'm getting a plane to San Francisco for the GCI meeting. Well, hopefully, as the French railway is on strike… Ok, my train was canceled, but another was 1.5 hours late so I managed to jump on it and arrive… at the Paris Lyon station, which meant taking the RER (oh no, it's on strike as well), ok, the Metro to another station and then the RER to the airport.

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