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Forum thread started by Luposian on Mon, 2012-03-12 20:48

In reading the latest news concerning the AmigaONE X1000's new "start up sound" (which is utterly awful, in my estimation), I got to thinking about the start up sound I created, awhile back, for Haiku. It was done, with the mental image of the three leaves of the Haiku logo drifting down from above, and falling into place.

If anyone is interested in helping realize this "promo", let me know. I will send the MIDI sample for incorporation into the animation.


Re: Animated haiku logo...

How about something simple like: "Ahhhhh...." As in ah, an OS that works and it's not MS! OK, sorry had to slip in that one but a little humor in our computer world goes a long way.

Re: Animated haiku logo...

I kind of like it myself. Feel it works nicely for an AmigaOne X1000.

I have to hand it though to the troops that made the X1000 happen, at least it got done.

As much as I am a BeBox owner and lover, and like Haiku, I like how the Amiga community gets new hardware for their favorite OS.

I am not a fan of trying to get a generic system working with an OS that I want to use and much prefer how Be did it before with BeBox and how Amiga is doing it with 2 different companies offering main boards that run their OSes.

Even though they are pricey, at least I know I have a decent chance the OS will run nicely on it.

I have been waiting for that HaikuBox for a while and sad we have to do so much guess-work to get a basic sy