Any BeOS & BeBox owners here

Forum thread started by macsociety on Thu, 2011-01-27 21:48

Since you are into Haiku I figured many of you are prior or current BeOS users. Any of you use BeOS on PPC machines like the BeBOX.

I am a BeBox owner and would be nice to meet others here still owning a BeBOX or at least running BeOS on PPC machines.



Re: Any BeOS & BeBox owners here

Surprised no other BeBox or BeOS owners here. After-all, Haiku is inspired with BeOS. Too bad no one else is pimping some nice old BeBoxes. I enjoy tinkering with mine. Hope to have a nice Haiku setup right next to it one day if I can get sound on the Mac Mini running Haiku. tj

Re: Any BeOS & BeBox owners here

Prior user of BeOS on PPC and Intel machines here, up until the demise of the parent company. Never had the opportunity to run a genuine BeBox, though the hardware design has always looked appealing.