Gmail in Haiku?

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I've used Gmail for many years and never had any problems with it on any of the platforms I've tried.
However, Gmail in Haiku R1A2 is proving just a little troublesome.
Whereas I can RECEIVE emails in Gmail in WebPositive, when I try to SEND an email from WebPositive I get an error message stating that "Your action was unsuccessful. Please try again".
But, I've tried over about two days with always the same result.
OTOH, I can use the Haiku email client to SEND my Gmails without any problem.
But, this client doesn't seem to RECEIVE emails even though I've set up the server for incoming mail.
Has anybody had any better success with Gmail in Haiku?


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Maybe this will help you?

WebPositive is new browser and may not support all websites. Use BeZillaBrowser with Gmail and other sites giving issues.

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Using basic html mode helps.

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Thanks to everybody for the replies.
Yes, I can send Gmails from Bezilla and also from Web+ by using the basic HTML mode so that's progress.
Also, changing from POP3 to IMAP in the Mail client allows me to receive emails in the client.
So, essentially, all problems are resolved.
Thanks again for your help.

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This topic is old but just to inform everyone, now with Haiku R1-Alpha3 regular gmail (not html-only-mode) is working for me (including text chat) using the BeZilla browser build that came as part of the A1 release of Haiku!!!

I haven't tried newer BeZilla (or other firefox bon-echo flavors).

Has any one else had success (by the way in Webpositive it gmail only works in html mode)?


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Now Gmail only works in plain html mode using BeZilla (Bon Echo/FIrefox flavors).

With QT 4.7.3 installed on R1A3, using the Arora browser, I can use full Gmail.

Unfortunately, Arora does crash quite often.

At the moment I can't seem to reach this link: where you can download QT installs and Arora browser.


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