BeOS related pcmcia question

Forum thread started by Snuhwolf on Sat, 2010-06-12 20:41

Well since I couldnt get Haiku going on this old Dell D600 due to a flakey ethernet port (hardly ever comes on and then will just die), I went back to BeOS since it has pcmcia support for ethernet cards. Purchased a Kingston KNE-2 card that was on all the lists as supported. It works great, when it gets properly initialised. Some times its not seen and it takes a few reboots to see it. 'cardctl resume' in terminal shows "ioctl ():Device/File/Resource busy" and even if its listed in Networking as "ready". Any ideas welcomed.
Kinda begging actually...thanks. On a side note related to Haiku, I booted with the card in place with Haiku and it went to KDL where it mentioned a 3com legacy driver being loaded, so Haiku saw the card.