Haiku in Virtualbox?

Forum thread started by paulfxh on Sat, 2008-04-26 20:12

I've been using Haiku/Senryu in VMware Server Console for a few weeks under Ubuntu.
Now after upgrading to Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04), it seems that VMware Server doesn't work in Ubuntu now.
The preferred virtualization tool is Virtualbox.
Can anybody point me to a guide to get Haiku/Senryu working in Virtualbox?
Alternatively, would you advise me to look more to Qemu rather than Virtualbox in the absense of VMware Server?


Haiku in Virtualbox no internet

Hi all, I'm running OSX, latest and VB's latest build, running Haiku, Linux and ReactOS and QNX. For some reason, Haiku has no internet connection. I've re-enabled the adapter to NAT but with no success.

Any ideas?

Re: Haiku in Virtualbox no internet

Look at what The123king wrote, about 3 posts above yours


Re: Haiku in Virtualbox?

Just tried the Haiku pre-alpha image in VirtualBox. It's a good news that you don't have to convert the hdd image anymore. If you download the VMWare image, that just works fine (actually, older versions of VirtualBox were also offered opening vmware disk images, but it didn't worked. now it does).

However my mouse has a kinda strange behaviour, sometimes I can't move it to the screen edges, I think it can be a VirtualBox bug, or simply I should turn something on or off.. Or don't know :) Anyway it works fine.

Re: Haiku in Virtualbox?

I just tried Haiku for the first time, in Virtualbox which seem to work fine. That is, except for the lack of network - here are no devices listed at all.

Since I'm totally new to haiku, I would love to get some good advice on how to fix that ;)

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Try using the emulated Intel PRO cards. The PCnet cards are unsupported.

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Thank you that did the trick,

By the way, how do you handle the small vm ware image? I'm running the Haiku in VBox for now but the disk size is a little small, I plan to put a lot of devtools in there to play around with the API.

Are there any guides for doing all the steps with partioning and mounting? Perhaps I should get a new CD drive for the old P4:s instead..

EDIT: Ah, some more googling made me find out about the extra disk image, that will do for now

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Haiku includes a partitioning tool under Applications in the leaf menu. It's still lacking some features, but it should probably be enough to format the whole virtual disk into BFS. So I think using a CD image to install it should work fine.

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Just a note:

When I converted the Haiku image to the VirtualBox 2.2.4 environment (that I am using on a Debian Etch 4.0 host), I discovered that the VBoxManage utility help-page shows the conversion syntax as:

VBoxManage convertfromraw haiku.image haiku.image.vdi

Actually, this forum message is being sent from a Haiku instance running on VirtualBox 2.2.4 on the Debian Etch host, so the conversion was successful! My host machine has a measly 256MB of memory, and yet the Haiku instance is doing fairly well, IMHO!

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Got it also running nice finally some "live" feeling :)

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Latest VM Ware image 28321 works in Virtualbox 2.04 with no modifications under Mac OS X 10.5.4 (Intel C2D machine). Wow - y'all have done a fantastic job getting so far along with the Haiku effort! I am commenting from my virtual machine running perfectly under OS X and Virtualbox. So far it has been flawless!

Thanks to all who have contributed so much!

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I've got the latest version running out-of-the-box in Virtualbox on MacOS 10.4.11, which is great! However, networking does not work for me. Can you tell me what settings you've used for networking? Thanks!

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Hi skybum, please read the following, there's a tip about networking under Virtual Box:


Re: Haiku in Virtualbox?

Sweet! Thank you! I'm now posting this message from within Haiku, and it's working brilliantly.

Re: Haiku in Virtualbox?

I agree, it's working well within VirtualBox. That's great!

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I also have the latest Haiku working in VmWare 2 under OS X 10.5.4 as well as Senryu with networking. Both seem to be very stable and quite responsive.

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Network in VMWare works just fine - but you'll want to change your .vmx file to emulate e1000 ethernet chipset (intel ipro1000) instead of the default vlance (amd pcnet32).

Then you may have to change from bridged to NAT or vice-versa (depending on your configuration) in order to obtain an IP address properly.

Re: Haiku in Virtualbox?

Is there any need to have a Haiku profile in virtualbox?
Having this would mostly stop VBox from not work right for people new to Haiku. Using the right virtual ethernet chipset right of the bat.

The only problem is the need to have "Guest Additions" working to have a os profile afaik.

Edit: Haiku sould be added to this page: http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Guest_OSes

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So is there a "offical" haiku image for virtual box? I just got VB 2 and i'd love to try it out!

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It seems a lot of people have reported using the vmware images (I guess VirtualBox can use these pretty much unmodified?)...

I haven't personally tried it myself.

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Just want to report that I am able to run Haiku w/ VirtualBox.

I am running VirtualBox 2.0 on Fedora9 on Thinkpad T60 using latest night-build disk image.

I convert the diskimage to vdi w/ command "VBoxManage convertdd haiku.image.rxxxxx haiku.vdi" and have VT-x/AMD-V virtualization turn on.


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Haiku runs well for me in VirtualBox 2.0.0 even without VT-x/AMD-V enabled, which my CPU doesn't support. It did not even boot in previous versions of VirtualBox. Cheers to Sun for improving it!

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If anyone wants to use Virtual Serial Debugging via a Virtual nullmodem cable in windows, I just wrote this Tutorial.


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For me, the latest version of Haiku runs fine under VirtualBox.

I use the latest version of VirtualBox for Windows x64 (the Sun xVM VirtualBox 1.6), and downloaded the RAW hdd image. Then converted it to vdi using the command "VBoxManage.exe convert haiku.image haiku.vdi", finally created a new virtual machine with this image.
It runs if you disable the "VT-x/AMD-V" feature.

Re: Haiku in Virtualbox?

Senryu does work in VirtualBox, if your processor supports virtualization, and you've enabled it in your virtual machine. See the screenshots where you download it.

Really, Vmware is the best way to go since audio, network, video & burning have support - plus it's the quickest in my testing. To me the most important is network support, and I can't get it to work in anything other than Vmware