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What, Qt and a Webkit browser are working quite well on Haiku, and nobody is talking about this yet??


The direct link to the archive: http://downloads.beosfrance.com/Qt4HaikuDemoPack_a1.zip

It's getting 98% in Acid test 3 (contrary to firefox 2 which is getting 38%), and it's a bit faster.


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what happened to qt-haiku.ru ?
Now since i guess already one week or more it's not accessible anymore.

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It had some malicious JS code in it some weeks ago (or so Avast said) so... I guess it's down. But Haiku-QT's git repository is still actively mantained (http://qt.gitorious.org/+qt-haiku/qt/qt-haiku-port/commits/4.8-haiku).

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I really hope that this opens up for a port of opera to Haiku.

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First thought: Do we need Qt?

After reading the comments I downloaded and run the Qt-demo-apps..

Second thought: Amazing, we have to show something to attract more developer.

Native Haiku-app's are still on my wish-list...

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Actually it doesn't if you take a closer look. It seems the scrollbars do look native somehow though. If you test it and open a few menus you can see that it uses pretty much a typical Qt theme (don't remember the name now.. Plastique?), though the colour scheme blends in quite alright. If somebody would make it use Haiku's native theming engine, like in Windows, that'd be great. :)

I agree about that, do please continue, a native app is better in the end. :)

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I haven't tested it yet, but that does indeed look pretty cool. It looks quite native too. Funny that I've never heard of Arora, but it looks like a pretty complete browser (even if it seems like just a Firefox clone in the UI.)

Nonetheless I still think we need a native WebKit browser so I will continue working on my project ;)

It is also somewhat disappointing that this Qt work has been done so quietly.

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Haven't tested the browser yet - my haiku box is off line for now - but has anyone noticed the word processor? .ODT output? This looks very promising.

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Wow this is pretty awesome stuff. The browser actually seems to work well so far, and it loads in a fraction of the time taken by the firefox one. Great work by whoever is responsible!

(Posted from "QT Demo Browser" on Haiku. Coolio.

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The translator is perfect

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Er, wow! It's rare that I'm so completely blindsided by interesting Haiku news. It's a really nice surprise. I'm as much a fan as native apps as the next person but I certainly won't turn my nose up at some good Qt apps, and the browser is already a fair bit nicer than Bezilla for a lot of things.

I think being able to run a popular cross-platform toolkit like Qt is very important for the Haiku project. Sure, there's a danger that people won't bother to make native apps, but that's surely offset by what'd offer in the meantime and going forward.

Many thanks to all the folks who've clearly been working hard on this.

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farvardin, you really took me by surprise too. I didn't know the ports were this far along! I just tried the demo pack you linked to, and all of the programs included seem to work fine. Apart from a bug or two, and some lack of integration (widgets, file dialog), it's great! Thanks for informing us about this, and kudos to anyone helping in porting Qt!

I guess I have to convince byuu, of bsnes fame, to port his emulator to Haiku now when we have Qt. :)

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well, I was surprised too, even though I'm French, I have nothing to do with this project. It seems people at BeosFrance built this themselves?

The browser is cool, but it's crashing quite much on my system at the moment, so I can't really rely on it for intense browsing.

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Running the QT build with the Arora browser on a Gcc4-hybrid build (r33489). It runs quite well, although it does have some problems with javascript logins, along with an error message when you close the browser. When you start the browser, it will not stay in the same position on your screen as your last session. Outside of those minor problems, it runs exceptionally well. There are also in the QT build some smaller applications to play with, that I haven't tried extensively yet.

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Ich Habe das Demopack installiert und es funktioniert hervorragend !
Es gibt inzwischen eine neue Version von Aurora kann man diese unter haiku verwenden , Sie unterst├╝zt Flash und Viele Sprachen?

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For those who do not grok French, the original citation reads:


Arora, [an] open source and cross-platform browser based on WebKit and Qt has been ported to Haiku. No additional information [is] available at this time.

..then the screenshot, followed by:


Saying no more, you may download the archive and leave your opinion in the feedback!


Thanks to Matt Madia for sending the links (through Andrea Bernardi)

Be aware of the need for bespoke build flags, see:


.. and the rest of the devel's tracker posts and comments since:


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Cool! Will have to give it a try in Nov when I have more time. I did not realize it was this far along.

The project page is here:
But hard to tell what state it is in without testing it ( same goes for other OSDrawer projects ).

That Webkit browser is Qt based and not the native Haiku web browser Ryan is working on. I am hoping Arora is faster than BeZillaBrowser which is way too slow for Haiku.

Haikuware mentioned Qt about 2 weeks back and I posted about it in the Forums here. The thread topic was about VLC 1.x on Haiku.