Running Haiku with VMWare Mac

Forum thread started by meep on Tue, 2009-09-15 00:01

I'm pleased to report that with minimal effort on my part, Haiku Alpha 1 successfully installed on VMWare (2.0.2) for Mac and runs well so far.

I have run into one problem however, the OS does not see the availability of my Apple Airport Connection or Wired Ethernet Adapter on my host my MacBook pro. I have configured VMWare every which way possible to make both Adapters available to Haiku. Unfortunately though, when I view the network panel in Haiku, the "Adapter" drop down menu is empty, no choices available.

Mostly posting this to see if it's a "known issue", although if anyone has a suggested solution, I am all ears.



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Not having used vmware for Mac, i'm confused about what you are trying to do. VMWare emulates network hardware AFAIK.

Anyhow, sounds like you ran into the same issue as this person:

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VMWare Fusion runs Haiku without any problems (here). How have you configured Fusion's network settings - is it using Bridged or NAT mode? Haiku also distribute a .vmx file which correctly configures VMWare.

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I'm having the same problem. I'm using NAT mode, and I've verified that ethernet emulation in my .vmx file is e1000.

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Zenja wrote:

VMWare Fusion runs Haiku without any problems (here).

When you say without problems are you saying you have sound in Haiku on VMWare Fusion?

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OK, I've just tried reconfiguring the alpha again under Fusion. To enable networking, I had to first select NAT mode. I then had to access Mac OS X system preferences / sharing / enable internet sharing. Start the Haiku image, make sure that networking preference is set to DHCP, and you're in business (ie. you can browse the net with Haiku).

To get sound working, I had to install the OpenSoundSystem (OSS) optional package ( Unzip this file to your /boot directory to install the OSS drivers. Reboot. You then have to go to the Media preferences, and set the audio output to use OSS driver. After that, you have sound in Fusion (ie. you can play mp3 files and games).

100% verified to work (MacBookPro2,2 with SnowLeopard, VMWare Fusion 2.??)

Edit Zenja: - if you use BootCamp to create a new partition, and install Haiku to the new partition, you will have a conflict with HDA audio driver and OSS audio driver (this is a known bug and will be fixed soon). Remove the OSS driver or the HDA driver to actually boot Haiku natively on the Mac.

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Enabling Internet sharing didn't work for me. In my Network preferences, Adapter still says <empty>.

Mac Mini 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6.1), VMWare Fusion 2.0.5.

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You can edit the vmx file in a text editor, just add the following line:

ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000"

Restart the VM and it should work fine