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Declared In:support/BlockCache.h
Class Overview

Constructor and Destructor


BBlockCache(size_t count,
            size_t size,
            uint32 type);

Creates a new memory block pool, allocating memory for count blocks, each controlling size bytes of memory. type is either:



Memory is managed through new and delete.


Memory is managed through malloc() and free().



Frees any unused memory in the object's block pool. Memory that was retrieved through Get() (and that hasn't been returned through Save()) is not deallocated.

Member Functions


void* Get(size_t size);

Retrieves a block of memory of the given size and returns it directly. If size is the same as the size argument you passed to the constructor, the memory returned will be taken from the object's cache. Otherwise, it's allocated using either new or malloc() as requested in the constructor. When you're done with the memory, you can either deallocate it yourself, or return it to the BBlockCache object by calling Save().


void Save(void* pointer,
          size_t size);

Returns, to the BBlockCache object, size bytes of memory pointed to by pointer. If the memory was taken from the object's pool, the memory is returned to the pool. Otherwise, it's deallocated. In either case, the caller is freed of responsibility for deallocating the memory.

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