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Class Overview

Constructor and Destructor



The constructor creates a new, empty BMidiStore object.


virtual ~BMidiStore();

The destructor destroys the object and its storage.

Member Functions


uint32 BeginTime() const;

Returns the time, in ticks, at which the most recent performance started. This function is only valid if the object has actually performed.

CountEvents(), SortEvents(), DeltaOfEvent(), EventAtDelta()

uint32 CountEvents() const;void SortEvents(bool force = false);uint32 DeltaOfEvent(uint32 index) const;uint32 EventAtDelta(uint32 delta) const;

CountEvents() returns the number of events in the object's event list.

SortEvents() time-sorts the events in the event list. The object maintains a (conservative) notion of whether the events are already sorted; if force is false and the object doesn't think the operation is necessary, the sorting isn't performed. If force is true, the operation is always performed, regardless of its necessity.

DeltaOfEvent() returns the "delta time" of the index'th event in the object's list of events. An event's delta time is the time span, in milliseconds, between the first event in the event list and itself.

EventAtDelta() Returns the index of the event that occurs on or after delta milliseconds from the beginning of the event list.

Export(), Import()

status_t Export(const entry_ref* to_file,
                int32 format);
status_t Export(const entry_ref* from_file);

Export() time-sorts the object's event list, and then writes the list as a standard MIDI file in the designated format; the format argument should be either 0 or 1. The file that to_file refers to must already exist, and is not cleared before it's written.

Import() reads the standard MIDI file from the designated file and adds its events to the object's event list.

Return CodeDescription


The file was successfully written or read.

B_NO_MEMORY (Import() only)

Couldn't allocate enough memory to accommodate the file.

POSIX errors

Some other file error prevented the operation.

SetCurrentEvent(), CurrentEvent()

void SetCurrentEvent(uint32 index);uint32 CurrentEvent();

Sets the object's "current event"—the event that it will perform next—to the event at index in the event list.

CurrentEvent() returns the index of the event that will be performed next.

SetTempo(), Tempo()

void SetTempo(int32 beatsPerMinute);int32 Tempo() const;

Sets and returns the object's tempo—the speed at which it performs events—in beats per minute. The default tempo is 60 bpm.

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