Derived From:BMidi
Mix-in Classes:
Declared In:midi/MidiText.h
Class Overview

Constructor and Destructor



The constructor creates a new BMidiText object. The object's timer is set to zero and doesn't start ticking until the first message is received. To force the timer to start, call ResetTimer(true).


virtual ~BMidiText();

The destructor destroys the object.

Member Functions


void AllNotesOff(bool start = false);

Sets the object's internal timer to zero. If start is false the timer doesn't start ticking until the next MIDI message is received. If start is true, the timer begins immediately.

The timer value is used to compute the timestamp that's displayed at the beginning of each message description.

Output Text

The text strings that a BMidiText object displays are shown below, listed by MIDI event

Channel Pressure

timestamp: CHANNEL PRESSURE; channel = channel, pressure = pressure

Control Change

timestamp: CONTROL CHANGE; channel = channel, control = ctrl_num,
   value = ctrl_value

Key Pressure

timestamp: KEY PRESSURE; channel = channel, note = note, pressure =

Note Off

timestamp: NOTE OFF; channel = channel, note = note, velocity = velocity

Note On

timestamp: NOTE ON; channel = channel, note = note, velocity = velocity

Pitch Bend

timestamp: PITCH BEND; channel = channel, lsb = lsb, msb = msb

Program Change

timestamp: PROGRAM CHANGE; channel = channel, program = program_num

System Common

timestamp: SYSTEM COMMON; status = status, data1 = data1, data2= data2

System Exclusive


Followed by the data itself (in hex, byte-by-byte), starting on the next line.


timestamp: SYSTEM REAL TIME; status = status
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