Derived From:BView
Mix-in Classes:
Declared In:interface/StringView.h
Class Overview

Constructor and Destructor


BStringView(BRect frame,
            const char* name,
            const char* text,
            uint32 resizingMode = B_FOLLOW_LEFT | B_FOLLOW_TOP,
            uint32 flags = B_WILL_DRAW);

Initializes the BStringView by assigning it a text string and the system plain font (be_plain_font). The frame, name, resizingMode, and flags arguments are passed unchanged to the BView constructor.

The frame rectangle needs to be large enough to display the entire string in the current font. The string is drawn at the bottom of the frame rectangle and, by default, is aligned to the left side. A different horizontal alignment can be set by calling SetAlignment().


virtual ~BStringView();

Frees the text string.

Hook Functions


virtual void AttachedToWindow();

Sets the BStringView's low color and its background view color to match the background color of its new parent view.

See also: BView::AttachedToWindow()


virtual void Draw(BRect updateRect);

Draws the string along the bottom of the BStringView's frame rectangle in the current high color.

Member Functions


virtual status_t Archive(BMessagearchive,
                         bool deep = true) const;

Calls the inherited version of Archive(), then adds the string and its alignment to the BMessage archive.

SetAlignment(), Alignment()

void SetAlignment(alignment flag);alignment Alignment() const;

These functions align the string within the BStringView's frame rectangle and return the current alignment. The alignment flag can be:



The string is aligned at the left side of the frame rectangle.


The string is aligned at the right side of the frame rectangle.


The string is aligned so that the center of the string falls midway between the left and right sides of the frame rectangle.

The default is B_ALIGN_LEFT.

SetText(), Text()

void SetText(const char* string);const char* Text() const;

These functions set and return the text string that the BStringView draws. SetText() frees the previous string and copies string to replace it. Text() returns the null-terminated string.

Static Functions


See BArchivable::Instantiate()

Archived Fields

The Archive() function adds the following fields to its BMessage argument:

FieldType codeDescription
_textB_STRING_TYPEText displayed in the view (present only if it is not NULL).
_alignB_INT32_TYPEAlignment of text in frame.
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