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Mix-in Classes:BArchivable
Declared In:app/Cursor.h
Class Overview

Constructor and Destructor


BCursor(const void* cursorData); BCursor(BMessage* archive);

Initializes the new cursor object. If you specify a non-NULL value for cursorData, the cursor is initialized with the specified cursor data.

If you specify a NULL value for cursorData, the cursor is useless; since this class doesn't currently provide a means of setting the cursor data once the object is instantiated, you're out of luck, so why bother?

BCursor doesn't currently implement archiving, so you shouldn't use the second form.


virtual ~BCursor();

Releases any resources used by the cursor.

Static Functions


static BArchivable* Instantiate(BMessage* archive);

Not currently implemented; always returns NULL.

See also: BArchivable::Instantiate(), BArchivable::Archive()


Declared in: app/AppDefs.h

const unsigned char B_HAND_CURSOR[]
const unsigned char B_I_BEAM_CURSOR[]

These constants contain all the data needed to set the cursor to the default hand image or to the standard I-beam image for text selection.

const BCursor* B_CURSOR_I_BEAM

The second two constants are BCursor objects and produce the same cursors the first two constants.

See also: BApplication::SetCursor()

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