Midi2Defs.h File Reference

Some definitions to define raw MIDI events. More...


Channel Message Masks

Some definitions to define the raw MIDI events.

The default implementation of BMidiLocalConsumer::Data() uses these constants to determine which event has been passed on. If you override that method, you may use the constants yourself.

const uchar B_CHANNEL_PRESSURE = 0xd0
const uchar B_CONTROL_CHANGE = 0xb0
const uchar B_KEY_PRESSURE = 0xa0
const uchar B_NOTE_OFF = 0x80
const uchar B_NOTE_ON = 0x90
const uchar B_PITCH_BEND = 0xe0
const uchar B_PROGRAM_CHANGE = 0xc0
System Messages

Some definitions to define the raw MIDI system messages.

The default implementation of BMidiLocalConsumer::Data() uses these constants to determine which event system message has been passed on. See BMidiLocalProducer::SpraySystemCommon() and BMidiLocalProducer::SpraySystemRealTime() for more details on how and when to use these messages.

const uchar B_ACTIVE_SENSING = 0xfe
const uchar B_CABLE_MESSAGE = 0xf5
const uchar B_CONTINUE = 0xfb
const uchar B_MIDI_TIME_CODE = 0xf1
const uchar B_SONG_POSITION = 0xf2
const uchar B_SONG_SELECT = 0xf3
const uchar B_START = 0xfa
const uchar B_STOP = 0xfc
const uchar B_SYS_EX_END = 0xf7
const uchar B_SYS_EX_START = 0xf0
const uchar B_SYSTEM_RESET = 0xff
const uchar B_TIMING_CLOCK = 0xf8
const uchar B_TUNE_REQUEST = 0xf6
Controller Numbers

Constants that represent specific controller messages.

These constants can be used in BMidiLocalProducer::SprayControlChange() and BMidiLocalConsumer::ControlChange(). These constants represent the MIDI specification.

const uchar B_ALL_NOTES_OFF = 0x7b
const uchar B_BREATH_CONTROLLER = 0x02
const uchar B_CELESTE_DEPTH = 0x5e
const uchar B_CHORUS_DEPTH = 0x5d
const uchar B_DATA_DECREMENT = 0x61
const uchar B_DATA_ENTRY = 0x06
const uchar B_DATA_INCREMENT = 0x60
const uchar B_EFFECTS_DEPTH = 0x5b
const uchar B_EXPRESSION_CTRL = 0x0b
const uchar B_FOOT_CONTROLLER = 0x04
const uchar B_GENERAL_CTRL_1 = 0x10
const uchar B_GENERAL_CTRL_2 = 0x11
const uchar B_GENERAL_CTRL_3 = 0x12
const uchar B_GENERAL_CTRL_4 = 0x13
const uchar B_GENERAL_CTRL_5 = 0x50
const uchar B_GENERAL_CTRL_6 = 0x51
const uchar B_GENERAL_CTRL_7 = 0x52
const uchar B_GENERAL_CTRL_8 = 0x53
const uchar B_HOLD_2 = 0x45
const uchar B_LOCAL_CONTROL = 0x7a
const uchar B_MAIN_VOLUME = 0x07
const uchar B_MIDI_BALANCE = 0x08
const uchar B_MODULATION = 0x01
const uchar B_MONO_MODE_ON = 0x7e
const uchar B_OMNI_MODE_OFF = 0x7c
const uchar B_OMNI_MODE_ON = 0x7d
const uchar B_PAN = 0x0a
const uchar B_PHASER_DEPTH = 0x5f
const uchar B_POLY_MODE_ON = 0x7f
const uchar B_PORTAMENTO = 0x41
const uchar B_PORTAMENTO_TIME = 0x05
const uchar B_RESET_ALL_CONTROLLERS = 0x79
const uchar B_SOFT_PEDAL = 0x43
const uchar B_SOSTENUTO = 0x42
const uchar B_SUSTAIN_PEDAL = 0x40
const uchar B_TEMPO_CHANGE = 0x51
const uchar B_TREMOLO_DEPTH = 0x5c

Detailed Description

Some definitions to define raw MIDI events.