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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NBPrivateLaunch_daemon interface
 C_BWidthBuffer_NetPositive binary compatibility support
 Capp_infoProvides info for a running app
 CBAbstractLayoutBLayout subclass providing convenience methods for derived implementations
 CBAbstractSocketAbstract interface for all socket connections
 CBAlertDefines a modal alert dialog which displays a short message and provides a set of labeled buttons that allow the user to respond
 CBAppFileInfoProvides access to the metadata associated with executables, libraries and add-ons
 CBApplicationA container object for an application
 CBArchivableInterface for objects that can be archived into a BMessage
 CBArchiverA class that simplifies the archiving of complicated BArchivable hierarchies
 CBAutolockConvenient utility to make parts of your code thread-safe easily
 CBBitmapAccess and manipulate digital images commonly known as bitmaps
 CBBitmapStreamProvides for the conversion of a Translation Kit bitmap object to a BBitmap
 CBBlockCacheA class that creates and maintains a pool of memory blocks
 CBBoxA rectangular view with a border and an optional label to group related subviews visually
 CBBufferA reference to a chunk of memory useful for sharing media data between applications and nodes
 CBBufferIOA buffered adapter for BPositionIO objects
 CBButtonA control used to initiate an action
 CBCatalogString localization handling
 CBChannelControlBChannelControl is the base class for controls that have several
 CBCheckBoxA user interface element used to make a binary decision
 CBClipboardUsed for short-term data storage between documents and applications via copy and paste operations
 CBCollatorClass for handling locale-aware collation (sorting) of strings
 CBColorControlBColorControl displays an on-screen color picker
 CBControlBControl is the base class for user-event handling objects
 CBCountryClass representing a country
 CBCursorBCursor describes a view-wide or application-wide cursor
 CBDatagramSocketBAbstractSocket implementation for datagram connections
 CBDataIOAbstract interface for objects that provide read and write access to data
 CBDateFormatFormatter for dates
 CBDateTimeFormatFormatter for datetimes
 CBDirectoryA directory in the file system
 CBDirectWindowProvides direct access to the video card graphics frame buffer
 CBDraggerA view that allows the user drag and drop a target view
 CBDurationFormatFormatter for time intervals
 CBEntryA location in the filesystem
 CBEntryListInterface for iterating through a list of filesystem entries
 CBFileProvides the ability to read and write the data of a file
 CBFileGameSoundPlayback audio from a sound file on disk
 CBFileInterfaceA node that can read and write data to a file on disk
 CBFilePanelDisplays a standard Open/Save dialog
 CBFlattenableInterface for classes that can flatten and unflatten themselves to a stream of bytes
 CBFontRepresents a typeface including its family, style and size
 CBGridLayoutBLayout subclass that arranges the items it holds in a grid
 CBGroupLayoutSimple BLayout subclass that arranges the items it holds within a vertical or horizontal box
 CBHandlerHandles messages that are passed on by a BLooper
 CBHttpAuthenticationAuthentication token for the HTTP protocol
 CBHttpFormContainer for all the BHttpFormData instances making up an HTTP form contents
 CBHttpFormDataStores a form data entry sent or received during an HTTP request
 CBHttpHeaderRepresent a single header field for an HTTP connection
 CBHttpHeadersContainer for a set of HTTP headers
 CBHttpRequestHandles a request over HTTP or HTTPS
 CBIconUtilsProvide utility methods for managing and drawing vector icons
 CBInvokerAn object that can be "invoked" to send a message to a BHandler
 CBLaunchRosterLets you communicate with the launch_daemon
 CBLayoutInterface, and some basic implementation to manage the positioning and sizing of BLayoutItem s
 CBLayoutItemAbstract class representing things that are positionable and resizable by objects of the BLayout class
 CBListAn ordered container that is designed to hold generic void* objects
 CBListItemA list item, a member of a BListView or BOutlineListView
 CBListViewDisplays a list of items that the user can select and invoke
 CBLocaleClass for representing a locale and its settings
 CBLocaleRosterMain class for accessing the Locale Kit data
 CBLockerSemaphore-type class for thread safety
 CBLooperReceive and process messages in a separate thread
 CBMailComponentThe base class for most of the Mail Kit
 CBMallocIOA BPositionIO derived class that creates a memory buffer
 CBMediaAddOnMediaAddOn is something which can manufacture MediaNodes
 CBMemoryIOA BPositionIO derived class that works on memory buffers
 CBMenuDisplays a list of menu items including additional menus arranged hierarchically
 CBMenuBarA window's root menu
 CBMenuFieldA labeled pop-up menu
 CBMenuItemDisplay item for the BMenu class
 CBMessageA container that can be send and received using the Haiku messaging subsystem
 CBMessageFilterDescribes a message filter for BLooper and BHandler
 CBMessageQueueA container that maintains a queue of messages
 CBMessageRunnerProvides a mechanism for sending one or more messages to a messenger at a specified interval and receive reply messages
 CBMessengerA class to send messages to a target BLooper or BHandler
 CBMidiConsumerReceives MIDI events from a producer
 CBMidiEndpointBase class for all MIDI endpoints
 CBMidiLocalConsumerA consumer endpoint that is created by your own application
 CBMidiLocalProducerA producer endpoint that is created by your own application
 CBMidiProducerStreams MIDI events to connected consumers
 CBMidiRosterInterface to the system-wide Midi Roster
 CBMimeTypeA class that represents a MIME (Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions) type string
 CBNodeA BNode represents a chunk of data in the filesystem
 CBNodeInfoProvides access to file type meta data on a node
 CBNumberFormatFormatter for numbers and monetary values
 CBObjectListBObjectList is a wrapper around BList that adds type safety, optional object ownership, search, and insert operations
 CBOptionPopUpA BMenuField based BControl implementation
 CBOutlineListViewExpands upon BListView to display a hierarchical list of items
 CBPathA class representing a file system path
 CBPathFinderHelper class to retrieve paths in the file system layout
 CBPictureRecords a series of drawing instructions that can be "replayed" later
 CBPictureButtonA button draw with a BPicture image instead of a text label
 CBPointA point on a two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system
 CBPolygonA closed, many-sided figure which defines an area in a two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system
 CBPopUpMenuDisplays a pop-up menu
 CBPositionIOAbstract interface that provides advanced read, write and seek access to data
 CBPropertyInfoClass used to manage scripting
 CBQueryProvides an interface for creating file system queries and implements BEntryList methods for iterating through the results
 CBRadioButtonA user interface control used to select between a set of mutually exclusive options
 CBRectDefines a rectangular area aligned along pixel dimensions
 CBReferenceA reference to a BReferenceable object
 CBReferenceableImplementation of reference-counted memory management
 CBRefFilterAllows you to filter the items displayed in a file panel
 CBRegionAn area composed of rectangles
 CBResourcesProvides an interface for accessing and manipulating file resources
 CBResourceStringsSimple class to access the string resources in a file
 CBRosterLets you launch apps and keeps track of apps that are running
 CBScreenMethods to retrieve and change display settings
 CBScrollBarUser interface element used to scroll a target view vertically or horizontally
 CBScrollViewA convenience class used to add scrolling to a target view
 CBSeparatorItemDisplay separator item for BMenu class
 CBShapeEncapsulates a Postscript-style "path"
 CBShapeIteratorAllows you to iterate through BShape operations
 CBSizeA two-dimensional size
 CBStatablePure abstract class that provides a wrapper interface to the POSIX┬« stat() function
 CBStopWatchA simple class used to time events like a stop watch
 CBStringString class supporting common string operations
 CBStringItemA list item of a text string used as a member of a BListView or BOutlineListView
 CBStringViewDraws a non-editable single-line text string, most commonly used as a label
 CBSymLinkProvides an interface for creating, manipulating, and accessing the contents of symbolic links
 CBTabA tab that goes in a BTabView
 CBTabViewA container for BTab objects to display all tabs
 CBTextControlDisplays a labeled text view control
 CBTextMailComponentA component that stores plain text
 CBTextViewDisplays and manipulates styled text
 CBTimeFormatFormatter for times
 CBTimeZoneDefines the time zone API which specifies a time zone, allows you to display it to the user, and converts between GMT and local time
 CBToolTipDisplays help text on hover
 CBTranslatorAbstract class that defines the necessary functionality of a translator
 CBTranslatorRosterClass that serves as an interface between applications and translators
 CBTwoDimensionalLayoutAbstract BLayout subclass arranging items within rows and columns
 Cbuffer_clone_infoA struct that stores where in memory a BBuffer object is in memory as well as the buffer flags
 CBUnarchiverA class that simplifies the unarchiving of complicated BArchivable hierarchies
 CBUnicodeCharManagement of all information about characters
 CBViewView base class
 CBVolumeProvides an interface for querying information about a volume
 CBVolumeRosterProvides an interface for iterating through available volumes and watching for mounting/unmounting
 CBWindowWindow base class
 Cedge_infoThe distance that a character outline is inset from its escapement boundaries
 Centry_refA filesystem entry represented as a name in a concrete directory
 Cescapement_deltaA struct that allows you to specify extra horizontal space to surround each character with
 Cfile_io_vecStructure that describes the io vector of a file
 Cfile_system_module_infoKernel module interface for file systems
 Cfont_cache_infoFont cache parameters
 Cfont_heightThe amount of vertical space surrounding a character
 Cfs_vnode_opsOperations vector for a node
 Cfs_volume_opsOperations vector for a volume
 CGameProducerA MediaKit producer node which mixes sound from the GameKit and sends them to the audio mixer
 CJoystickClass that provides an interface to joysticks and game controllers
 Cmenu_infoInformation about a menu such as font size and family, background color, and flags
 Cnode_refReference structure to a particular vnode on a device
 CpatternA pattern to use when drawing
 Cproperty_infoProperty info struct containing lists of commands and specifiers
 Ctext_runText run struct
 Ctext_run_arrayText run array struct
 Ctuned_font_infoTuning information of fonts used to make it look better when displayed on-screen
 Cunicode_blockDescribes the blocks of Unicode characters supported by a font
 Cusb_configuration_infoContainer for a specific configuration descriptor of a device
 Cusb_endpoint_infoContainer for endpoint descriptors and their Haiku USB stack identifiers
 Cusb_interface_infoContainer for interface descriptors and their Haiku USB stack identifiers
 Cusb_interface_listList of interfaces available to a configuration
 Cusb_iso_packet_descriptorThe descriptor for data packets of isochronous transfers
 Cusb_module_infoInterface for drivers to interact with Haiku's USB stack
 Cusb_notify_hooksHooks that the USB stack can callback in case of events
 Cusb_support_descriptorDescription of device descriptor that the driver can handle