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BPrivate::Network::BHttpBody Struct Reference

Represents a HTTP response body. More...

Public Attributes

std::optional< BStringtext
 A string containing the body of the HTTP request.

Detailed Description

Represents a HTTP response body.

The HTTP response body is captured in this object. The body is either stored into a target, or into a text variable, depending on how you called the BHttpSession::Execute() method.

You will usually get a reference to this object through the BHttpResult::Body() method. If you want to keep the contents of the body beyond the lifetime of the BHttpResult object, you should move the data into owned objects of your own.

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Member Data Documentation

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std::optional< BString > BPrivate::Network::BHttpBody::text

A string containing the body of the HTTP request.

The value of this class variable is set to std::nullopt if the target body was written to a specified target. Otherwise, the response body is stored in this string. If the response body was empty, then this will be an empty string.

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