Here is a list of all modules:
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 Application KitThe Application Kit is the starting point for writing native Haiku GUI applications
 Game KitThe Game Kit provides classes for producing game sounds and working with full screen apps
 Interface KitAPI for displaying a graphical user interface
 Layout APIProvides classes for automatically laying out UIs
 Locale KitCollection of classes for localizing applications
 Mail KitAPI for working with e-mail messages and protocols
 Media KitCollection of classes that deal with audio and video
 The old MIDI Kit ( old MIDI kit
 MIDI 2 KitThe Midi Kit is the API that implements support for generating, processing, and playing music in MIDI format
 Network KitClasses that deal with all network connections and communications
 Storage KitCollection of classes that deal with storing and retrieving information from disk
 Support KitCollection of utility classes that are used throughout the API
 Global functions
 Translation KitProvides a framework for converting data streams between media formats
 Device Drivers
 Json HandlingProvides for parsing and writing of data in Json encoding