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Locale Kit

Collection of classes for localizing applications. More...


file  Catalog.h
 Provides the BCatalog class.
file  Collator.h
 Provides the BCollator class.
file  Country.h
 BCountry class definition.
file  DateFormat.h
 Contains BDateFormat class, a date formatter and parser.
file  DateTimeFormat.h
 Contains BDateTimeFormat class, a datetime formatter and parser.
file  DurationFormat.h
 Contains BDurationFormat class, a time interval formatter and parser.
file  Locale.h
 Provides the BLocale class, the base class of the Locale Kit.
file  LocaleRoster.h
 Provides the BLocaleRoster class to access locale data.
file  NumberFormat.h
 Contains BNumberFormat class, a number formatter and parser.
file  TimeFormat.h
 Contains BTimeFormat class, a time formatter and parser.
file  TimeZone.h
 Provides the BTimeZone class.
file  UnicodeChar.h
 Provides the BUnicodeChar class.


class  BCatalog
 String localization handling. More...
class  BCollator
 Class for handling locale-aware collation (sorting) of strings. More...
class  BCountry
 Class representing a country. More...
class  BDateFormat
 Formatter for dates. More...
class  BDateTimeFormat
 Formatter for datetimes. More...
class  BDurationFormat
 Formatter for time intervals. More...
class  BLocale
 Class for representing a locale and its settings. More...
class  BLocaleRoster
 Main class for accessing the Locale Kit data. More...
class  BNumberFormat
 Formatter for numbers and monetary values. More...
class  BTimeFormat
 Formatter for times. More...
class  BTimeZone
 Defines the time zone API which specifies a time zone, allows you to display it to the user, and converts between GMT and local time. More...
class  BUnicodeChar
 Management of all information about characters. More...

Detailed Description

Collection of classes for localizing applications.