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Experimental Network Services Support

Experimental API to do higher level network requests. More...


file  Geolocation.h
 Geolocation and geocoding services.
file  HttpAuthentication.h
 Authentication token for use in HTTP protocol communications.
file  HttpForm.h
 Management of HTTP form data.
file  HttpHeaders.h
 Management of HTTP headers.
file  HttpRequest.h
 Management of HTTP or HTTPS protocol requests.
file  UrlProtocolAsynchronousListener.h
 Provides the BUrlProtocolAsynchronousListener interface.
file  UrlProtocolListener.h
 Provides the BUrlProtocolListener abstract interface.
file  UrlProtocolRoster.h
 Provides the BUrlProtocolRoster interface.


class  BPrivate::Network::BGeolocation
 Geolocation and geocoding services. More...
class  BPrivate::Network::BHttpAuthentication
 Authentication token for the HTTP protocol. More...
class  BPrivate::Network::BHttpForm
 Container for all the BHttpFormData instances making up an HTTP form contents. More...
class  BPrivate::Network::BHttpFormData
 Stores a form data entry sent or received during an HTTP request. More...
class  BPrivate::Network::BHttpHeader
 Represent a single header field for an HTTP connection. More...
class  BPrivate::Network::BHttpHeaders
 Container for a set of HTTP headers. More...
class  BPrivate::Network::BHttpRequest
 Handles a request over HTTP or HTTPS. More...
class  BPrivate::Network::BUrlProtocolAsynchronousListener
 Provides a handler for BUrlProtocolDispatchingListener. More...
class  BPrivate::Network::BUrlProtocolListener
 Abstract interface for handling BUrlRequest events. More...
class  BPrivate::Network::BUrlProtocolRoster
 Interfaces for protocol-agnostic operations. More...
class  BPrivate::Network::BHttpForm::Iterator
 Form Iterator. More...

Detailed Description

Experimental API to do higher level network requests.

This API currently is marked as experimental. It is part of the BPrivate::Network namespace, the header files are found at headers\private\netservices, and you have to link your application to libnetservices.a.