BList Member List

This is the complete list of members for BList, including all inherited members.

AddItem(void *item, int32 index)BList
AddItem(void *item)BList
AddList(const BList *list, int32 index)BList
AddList(const BList *list)BList
BList(int32 count=20)BList
BList(const BList &other)BList
CountItems() constBList
DoForEach(bool(*func)(void *item))BList
DoForEach(bool(*func)(void *item, void *arg2), void *arg2)BList
FirstItem() constBList
HasItem(void *item) constBList
HasItem(const void *item) constBList
IndexOf(void *item) constBList
IndexOf(const void *item) constBList
IsEmpty() constBList
ItemAt(int32 index) constBList
ItemAtFast(int32 index) constBList
Items() constBList
LastItem() constBList
MoveItem(int32 from, int32 to)BList
operator!=(const BList &other) constBList
operator=(const BList &other)BList
operator==(const BList &other) constBList
RemoveItem(void *item)BList
RemoveItem(int32 index)BList
RemoveItems(int32 index, int32 count)BList
ReplaceItem(int32 index, void *item)BList
SortItems(int(*compareFunc)(const void *, const void *))BList
SwapItems(int32 indexA, int32 indexB)BList