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BMessage Member List

This is the complete list of members for BMessage, including all inherited members.

AddAlignment(const char *name, const BAlignment &alignment)BMessage
AddBool(const char *name, bool value)BMessage
AddColor(const char *name, rgb_color value)BMessage
AddData(const char *name, type_code type, const void *data, ssize_t numBytes, bool isFixedSize=true, int32 count=1)BMessage
AddDouble(const char *name, double value)BMessage
AddFlat(const char *name, BFlattenable *object, int32 count=1)BMessage
AddFlat(const char *name, const BFlattenable *object, int32 count=1)BMessage
AddFloat(const char *name, float value)BMessage
AddInt16(const char *name, int16 value)BMessage
AddInt32(const char *name, int32 value)BMessage
AddInt64(const char *name, int64 value)BMessage
AddInt8(const char *name, int8 value)BMessage
AddMessage(const char *name, const BMessage *message)BMessage
AddMessenger(const char *name, BMessenger messenger)BMessage
AddNodeRef(const char *name, const node_ref *ref)BMessage
AddPoint(const char *name, BPoint point)BMessage
AddPointer(const char *name, const void *pointer)BMessage
AddRect(const char *name, BRect rect)BMessage
AddRef(const char *name, const entry_ref *ref)BMessage
AddSize(const char *name, BSize size)BMessage
AddSpecifier(const char *property)BMessage
AddSpecifier(const char *property, int32 index)BMessage
AddSpecifier(const char *property, int32 index, int32 range)BMessage
AddSpecifier(const char *property, const char *name)BMessage
AddSpecifier(const BMessage *specifier)BMessage
AddString(const char *name, const char *string)BMessage
AddString(const char *name, const BString &string)BMessage
AddStrings(const char *name, const BStringList &list)BMessage
AddUInt16(const char *name, uint16 value)BMessage
AddUInt32(const char *name, uint32 value)BMessage
AddUInt64(const char *name, uint64 value)BMessage
AddUInt8(const char *name, uint8 value)BMessage
Append(const BMessage &message)BMessage
BMessage(uint32 what)BMessage
BMessage(const BMessage &other)BMessage
CountNames(type_code type) constBMessage
DropPoint(BPoint *offset=NULL) constBMessage
FindAlignment(const char *name, BAlignment *alignment) constBMessage
FindAlignment(const char *name, int32 index, BAlignment *alignment) constBMessage
FindBool(const char *name, bool *value) constBMessage
FindBool(const char *name, int32 index, bool *value) constBMessage
FindBool(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
FindColor(const char *name, rgb_color *value) constBMessage
FindColor(const char *name, int32 index, rgb_color *value) constBMessage
FindData(const char *name, type_code type, const void **data, ssize_t *numBytes) constBMessage
FindData(const char *name, type_code type, int32 index, const void **data, ssize_t *numBytes) constBMessage
FindDouble(const char *name, double *value) constBMessage
FindDouble(const char *name, int32 index, double *value) constBMessage
FindDouble(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
FindFlat(const char *name, BFlattenable *object) constBMessage
FindFlat(const char *name, int32 index, BFlattenable *object) constBMessage
FindFloat(const char *name, float *value) constBMessage
FindFloat(const char *name, int32 index, float *value) constBMessage
FindFloat(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
FindInt16(const char *name, int16 *value) constBMessage
FindInt16(const char *name, int32 index, int16 *value) constBMessage
FindInt16(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
FindInt32(const char *name, int32 *value) constBMessage
FindInt32(const char *name, int32 index, int32 *value) constBMessage
FindInt32(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
FindInt64(const char *name, int64 *value) constBMessage
FindInt64(const char *name, int32 index, int64 *value) constBMessage
FindInt64(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
FindInt8(const char *name, int8 *value) constBMessage
FindInt8(const char *name, int32 index, int8 *value) constBMessage
FindInt8(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
FindMessage(const char *name, BMessage *message) constBMessage
FindMessage(const char *name, int32 index, BMessage *message) constBMessage
FindMessenger(const char *name, BMessenger *messenger) constBMessage
FindMessenger(const char *name, int32 index, BMessenger *messenger) constBMessage
FindNodeRef(const char *name, node_ref *ref) constBMessage
FindNodeRef(const char *name, int32 index, node_ref *ref) constBMessage
FindPoint(const char *name, BPoint *point) constBMessage
FindPoint(const char *name, int32 index, BPoint *point) constBMessage
FindPoint(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
FindPointer(const char *name, void **pointer) constBMessage
FindPointer(const char *name, int32 index, void **pointer) constBMessage
FindRect(const char *name, BRect *rect) constBMessage
FindRect(const char *name, int32 index, BRect *rect) constBMessage
FindRect(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
FindRef(const char *name, entry_ref *ref) constBMessage
FindRef(const char *name, int32 index, entry_ref *ref) constBMessage
FindSize(const char *name, BSize *size) constBMessage
FindSize(const char *name, int32 index, BSize *size) constBMessage
FindString(const char *name, const char **string) constBMessage
FindString(const char *name, int32 index, const char **string) constBMessage
FindString(const char *name, BString *string) constBMessage
FindString(const char *name, int32 index, BString *string) constBMessage
FindString(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
FindStrings(const char *name, BStringList *list) constBMessage
FindUInt16(const char *name, uint16 *value) constBMessage
FindUInt16(const char *name, int32 index, uint16 *value) constBMessage
FindUInt32(const char *name, uint32 *value) constBMessage
FindUInt32(const char *name, int32 index, uint32 *value) constBMessage
FindUInt64(const char *name, uint64 *value) constBMessage
FindUInt64(const char *name, int32 index, uint64 *value) constBMessage
FindUInt8(const char *name, uint8 *value) constBMessage
FindUInt8(const char *name, int32 index, uint8 *value) constBMessage
Flatten(char *buffer, ssize_t size) constBMessage
Flatten(BDataIO *stream, ssize_t *size=NULL) constBMessage
FlattenedSize() constBMessage
GetAlignment(const char *name, int32 index, const BAlignment &defaultValue) constBMessage
GetAlignment(const char *name, const BAlignment &defaultValue) constBMessage
GetBool(const char *name, bool defaultValue=false) constBMessage
GetBool(const char *name, int32 index, bool defaultValue) constBMessage
GetColor(const char *name, rgb_color defaultValue) constBMessage
GetColor(const char *name, int32 index, rgb_color defaultValue) constBMessage
GetCurrentSpecifier(int32 *index, BMessage *specifier=NULL, int32 *what=NULL, const char **property=NULL) constBMessage
GetDouble(const char *name, double defaultValue) constBMessage
GetDouble(const char *name, int32 index, double defaultValue) constBMessage
GetFloat(const char *name, float defaultValue) constBMessage
GetFloat(const char *name, int32 index, float defaultValue) constBMessage
GetInfo(type_code typeRequested, int32 index, char **nameFound, type_code *typeFound, int32 *countFound=NULL) constBMessage
GetInfo(const char *name, type_code *typeFound, int32 *countFound=NULL) constBMessage
GetInfo(const char *name, type_code *typeFound, bool *fixedSize) constBMessage
GetInfo(const char *name, type_code *typeFound, int32 *countFound, bool *fixedSize) constBMessage
GetInt16(const char *name, int16 defaultValue) constBMessage
GetInt16(const char *name, int32 index, int16 defaultValue) constBMessage
GetInt32(const char *name, int32 defaultValue) constBMessage
GetInt32(const char *name, int32 index, int32 defaultValue) constBMessage
GetInt64(const char *name, int64 defaultValue) constBMessage
GetInt64(const char *name, int32 index, int64 defaultValue) constBMessage
GetInt8(const char *name, int8 defaultValue) constBMessage
GetInt8(const char *name, int32 index, int8 defaultValue) constBMessage
GetPoint(const char *name, int32 index, const BPoint &defaultValue) constBMessage
GetPoint(const char *name, const BPoint &defaultValue) constBMessage
GetPointer(const char *name, int32 index, const void *defaultValue=NULL) constBMessage
GetPointer(const char *name, const void *defaultValue=NULL) constBMessage
GetRect(const char *name, int32 index, const BRect &defaultValue) constBMessage
GetRect(const char *name, const BRect &defaultValue) constBMessage
GetSize(const char *name, int32 index, const BSize &defaultValue) constBMessage
GetSize(const char *name, const BSize &defaultValue) constBMessage
GetString(const char *name, const char *defaultValue=NULL) constBMessage
GetString(const char *name, int32 index, const char *defaultValue) constBMessage
GetUInt16(const char *name, uint16 defaultValue) constBMessage
GetUInt16(const char *name, int32 index, uint16 defaultValue) constBMessage
GetUInt32(const char *name, uint32 defaultValue) constBMessage
GetUInt32(const char *name, int32 index, uint32 defaultValue) constBMessage
GetUInt64(const char *name, uint64 defaultValue) constBMessage
GetUInt64(const char *name, int32 index, uint64 defaultValue) constBMessage
GetUInt8(const char *name, uint8 defaultValue) constBMessage
GetUInt8(const char *name, int32 index, uint8 defaultValue) constBMessage
HasAlignment(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasBool(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasColor(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasData(const char *name, type_code, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasDouble(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasFlat(const char *name, const BFlattenable *object) constBMessage
HasFlat(const char *name, int32 n, const BFlattenable *object) constBMessage
HasFloat(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasInt16(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasInt32(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasInt64(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasInt8(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasMessage(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasMessenger(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasNodeRef(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasPoint(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasPointer(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasRect(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasRef(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasSameData(const BMessage &other, bool ignoreFieldOrder=true, bool deep=false) constBMessage
HasSize(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasSpecifiers() constBMessage
HasString(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasUInt16(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasUInt32(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasUInt64(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
HasUInt8(const char *name, int32 n=0) constBMessage
IsEmpty() constBMessage
IsReply() constBMessage
IsSourceRemote() constBMessage
IsSourceWaiting() constBMessage
IsSystem() constBMessage
operator delete(void *pointer, size_t size)BMessage
operator new(size_t size)BMessage
operator new(size_t, void *pointer)BMessage
operator new(size_t, const std::nothrow_t &noThrow)BMessage
operator=(const BMessage &other)BMessage
Previous() constBMessage
PrintToStream() constBMessage
RemoveData(const char *name, int32 index=0)BMessage
RemoveName(const char *name)BMessage
Rename(const char *oldEntry, const char *newEntry)BMessage
ReplaceAlignment(const char *name, const BAlignment &alignment)BMessage
ReplaceAlignment(const char *name, int32 index, const BAlignment &alignment)BMessage
ReplaceBool(const char *name, bool aBoolean)BMessage
ReplaceBool(const char *name, int32 index, bool value)BMessage
ReplaceColor(const char *name, rgb_color value)BMessage
ReplaceColor(const char *name, int32 index, rgb_color value)BMessage
ReplaceData(const char *name, type_code type, const void *data, ssize_t numBytes)BMessage
ReplaceData(const char *name, type_code type, int32 index, const void *data, ssize_t numBytes)BMessage
ReplaceDouble(const char *name, double value)BMessage
ReplaceDouble(const char *name, int32 index, double value)BMessage
ReplaceFlat(const char *name, BFlattenable *object)BMessage
ReplaceFlat(const char *name, int32 index, BFlattenable *object)BMessage
ReplaceFloat(const char *name, float value)BMessage
ReplaceFloat(const char *name, int32 index, float value)BMessage
ReplaceInt16(const char *name, int16 value)BMessage
ReplaceInt16(const char *name, int32 index, int16 value)BMessage
ReplaceInt32(const char *name, int32 value)BMessage
ReplaceInt32(const char *name, int32 index, int32 value)BMessage
ReplaceInt64(const char *name, int64 value)BMessage
ReplaceInt64(const char *name, int32 index, int64 value)BMessage
ReplaceInt8(const char *name, int8 value)BMessage
ReplaceInt8(const char *name, int32 index, int8 value)BMessage
ReplaceMessage(const char *name, const BMessage *message)BMessage
ReplaceMessage(const char *name, int32 index, const BMessage *message)BMessage
ReplaceMessenger(const char *name, BMessenger messenger)BMessage
ReplaceMessenger(const char *name, int32 index, BMessenger messenger)BMessage
ReplaceNodeRef(const char *name, const node_ref *ref)BMessage
ReplaceNodeRef(const char *name, int32 index, const node_ref *ref)BMessage
ReplacePoint(const char *name, BPoint aPoint)BMessage
ReplacePoint(const char *name, int32 index, BPoint aPoint)BMessage
ReplacePointer(const char *name, const void *pointer)BMessage
ReplacePointer(const char *name, int32 index, const void *pointer)BMessage
ReplaceRect(const char *name, BRect rect)BMessage
ReplaceRect(const char *name, int32 index, BRect rect)BMessage
ReplaceRef(const char *name, const entry_ref *ref)BMessage
ReplaceRef(const char *name, int32 index, const entry_ref *ref)BMessage
ReplaceSize(const char *name, BSize aSize)BMessage
ReplaceSize(const char *name, int32 index, BSize aSize)BMessage
ReplaceString(const char *name, const char *string)BMessage
ReplaceString(const char *name, int32 index, const char *string)BMessage
ReplaceString(const char *name, const BString &string)BMessage
ReplaceString(const char *name, int32 index, const BString &string)BMessage
ReplaceUInt16(const char *name, uint16 value)BMessage
ReplaceUInt16(const char *name, int32 index, uint16 value)BMessage
ReplaceUInt32(const char *name, uint32 value)BMessage
ReplaceUInt32(const char *name, int32 index, uint32 value)BMessage
ReplaceUInt64(const char *name, uint64 value)BMessage
ReplaceUInt64(const char *name, int32 index, uint64 value)BMessage
ReplaceUInt8(const char *name, uint8 value)BMessage
ReplaceUInt8(const char *name, int32 index, uint8 value)BMessage
ReturnAddress() constBMessage
SendReply(uint32 command, BHandler *replyTo=NULL)BMessage
SendReply(BMessage *reply, BHandler *replyTo=NULL, bigtime_t timeout=B_INFINITE_TIMEOUT)BMessage
SendReply(BMessage *reply, BMessenger replyTo, bigtime_t timeout=B_INFINITE_TIMEOUT)BMessage
SendReply(uint32 command, BMessage *replyToReply)BMessage
SendReply(BMessage *reply, BMessage *replyToReply, bigtime_t sendTimeout=B_INFINITE_TIMEOUT, bigtime_t replyTimeout=B_INFINITE_TIMEOUT)BMessage
SetAlignment(const char *name, const BAlignment &value)BMessage
SetBool(const char *name, bool value)BMessage
SetColor(const char *name, rgb_color value)BMessage
SetCurrentSpecifier(int32 index)BMessage
SetData(const char *name, type_code type, const void *data, ssize_t numBytes, bool fixedSize=true, int count=1)BMessage
SetDouble(const char *name, double value)BMessage
SetFloat(const char *name, float value)BMessage
SetInt16(const char *name, int16 value)BMessage
SetInt32(const char *name, int32 value)BMessage
SetInt64(const char *name, int64 value)BMessage
SetInt8(const char *name, int8 value)BMessage
SetPoint(const char *name, const BPoint &value)BMessage
SetPointer(const char *name, const void *value)BMessage
SetRect(const char *name, const BRect &value)BMessage
SetSize(const char *name, const BSize &value)BMessage
SetString(const char *name, const char *string)BMessage
SetString(const char *name, const BString &string)BMessage
SetUInt16(const char *name, uint16 value)BMessage
SetUInt32(const char *name, uint32 value)BMessage
SetUInt64(const char *name, uint64 value)BMessage
SetUInt8(const char *name, uint8 value)BMessage
Unflatten(const char *flatBuffer)BMessage
Unflatten(BDataIO *stream)BMessage
WasDelivered() constBMessage
WasDropped() constBMessage