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BObjectList< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for BObjectList< T >, including all inherited members.

AddItem(T *)BObjectList< T >
AddItem(T *, int32)BObjectList< T >
_PointerList_::AddItem(void *item, int32 index)BListprivate
_PointerList_::AddItem(void *item)BListprivate
AddList(BObjectList *)BObjectList< T >
AddList(BObjectList *, int32)BObjectList< T >
_PointerList_::AddList(const BList *list, int32 index)BListprivate
_PointerList_::AddList(const BList *list)BListprivate
BinarySearch(const T &, CompareFunction) constBObjectList< T >
BinarySearch(const T &, CompareFunctionWithState, void *state) constBObjectList< T >
BObjectList(int32 itemsPerBlock=20, bool owning=false)BObjectList< T >
BObjectList(const BObjectList &list)BObjectList< T >
CountItems() constBObjectList< T >
EachElement(EachFunction, void *)BObjectList< T >
EachElement(ConstEachFunction, void *) constBObjectList< T >
FindIf(const UnaryPredicate< T > &) constBObjectList< T >
FindIf(const UnaryPredicate< T > &)BObjectList< T >
FirstItem() constBObjectList< T >
HasItem(const T *) constBObjectList< T >
_PointerList_::HasItem(void *item) constBListprivate
_PointerList_::HasItem(const void *item) constBListprivate
HSortItems(CompareFunction)BObjectList< T >
IndexOf(const T *) constBObjectList< T >
_PointerList_::IndexOf(void *item) constBListprivate
_PointerList_::IndexOf(const void *item) constBListprivate
IsEmpty() constBObjectList< T >
ItemAt(int32) constBObjectList< T >inline
LastItem() constBObjectList< T >
MakeEmpty(bool deleteIfOwning=true)BObjectList< T >
MoveItem(int32 from, int32 to)BObjectList< T >
operator=(const BObjectList &list)BObjectList< T >
_PointerList_::operator=(const BList &other)BListprivate
RemoveItem(T *, bool deleteIfOwning=true)BObjectList< T >
_PointerList_::RemoveItem(void *item)BListprivate
_PointerList_::RemoveItem(int32 index)BListprivate
RemoveItemAt(int32)BObjectList< T >
ReplaceItem(int32 index, T *)BObjectList< T >
SortItems(CompareFunction)BObjectList< T >
SortItems(CompareFunctionWithState, void *state)BObjectList< T >
BList::SortItems(int(*compareFunc)(const void *, const void *))BListprivate
SwapWithItem(int32 index, T *newItem)BObjectList< T >
~BObjectList()BObjectList< T >virtual